Utopia IV Featured on Haute Living as Miami’s Premiere Yacht Charter Option

Loren and I have been so blessed – and the global pandemic has given us a new perspective and further appreciation for what we have. We are so fortunate to have a business that’s adaptable and able to excel during challenging times where the opposite is true for so many people and businesses.

Many businesses aren’t as adaptable as ours, and some of them need a little more face to face time – which is obviously a challenge during times of quarantine & social distancing. Staying safe and staying together is possible by chartering our world-class, award winning super-yacht: Utopia IV. In fact, the team at Haute Living just did a tremendous article about this…

The Most Storied Yacht In Miami Beach Is Now Available For Charter

This yacht is a major part of our lives and Loren and I already know what a tremendous asset and resource it is for family & business. We know this yacht is the perfect charter option because we’ve used it for numerous business building and team building events ourselves, plus it’s also been a part of several major marketing & branding events. It’s essentially a luxury office & residence on the water – which is an option many are seeking now. 

Superyachts offer an amazing solution for affluent or successful individuals and families or business owners to quarantine or social distance in luxury. Utopia IV is equipped with a digital office, so you can stay connected from anywhere in your own bubble. 

Utopia IV not only provides world-class amenities but also makes it possible for you to quarantine together. I know many corporate teams & families would benefit from this because it gives them a rare opportunity to experience Utopia IV in the same way we do! 

Utopia IV charters are now available through Moran Yachts in the U.S., Bahamas, and Caribbean. For information about chartering Utopia IV, please reach out to charter@moranyachts.com or call (954) 768-0707.


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