MAIC2022: Celebrating Our Special Award Winners

One of my favorite parts of MAIC2022 was watching UFOs receive the recognition they deserve for their tremendous accomplishments! I’d like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate all of our challenge winners, as well as our special award winners, including…

  • Top Retailer of the Year – Christopher Sarli (United States)
  • Top Organizational Builder – Dritan Hodo
  • Certified Trainer of the Year – Amber Yang
  • Fastest Growing – I-Tsung Chen
  • TLS Trainer of the Year – Julie Landseidel
  • TLS Coach of the Year – Beth & Pip Black
  • WebCenters Certified Trainer of the Year – Carmen Ames
  • SHOP Financial Elite Representative of the Year – Jessica Stirewalt
  • Motives Trainer of the Year – Michelle Lieu
  • Motives Beauty Advisor of the Year – Melody Sopa
  • nutraMetrix HP of the Year (Allied) – Chris & Nikki Miller
  • nutraMetrix HP of the Year (Medical Doctor) – Dr. Joseph & Rebecca Carfi
  • nutraMetrix Consultant of Year – Emily Pennito
  • Market of the Year – Taiwan

Thanks to all our award winners for setting the pace as leaders to follow and emulate. You inspire everyone to achieve and light the path to success for others to follow – and I can’t think of a more important role!


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