People Power: An Inspirational Message from Diana Pietrzak


I’d like to take a moment to share an incredible message and heartfelt thanks between fellow UnFranchise Owners which really speaks to the quality of our products, the impact of our events, and the importance of personal experience in one-to-one marketing.

Sharon Lawrence recently sent me an inspiring email from Diana Pietrzak which I feel will resonate with many entrepreneurs. The following message says so much and applies to many UFOs – frankly it inspires me to see it happen organically because this is exactly what we do and preach ourselves.

Diana and her fiancé Bobby had a powerful experience at International Convention which led to a better understanding of our business and products – and a few epiphanies along the way. This story reinforces why it’s so important to experience all the remarkable product lines our business has to offer!

Events like MAIC2022 help build confidence & product knowledge and often lead to key awakenings and meaningful epiphanies like those described in the message below. Many people have had similar experiences with our events – so if something similar happened to your team, be sure to let me know!

Share this with your team to inspire a new wave of growth – I wish it was contagious (sometimes it really is)!!! Everyone should experience this at our next event by getting someone there and then working with them and a senior partner to really get it moving.

The point is to make it happen and just HAVE FUN!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Diana Pietrzak’s Powerful Message to Sharon Lawrence


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for reaching out to me.  At the time I was not feeling like the business was for me and was contemplating just keeping the business open to get the products I love at cost. My fiancé has always said he supported me but in my mind, those were only words of support and encouragement. He’d question the compensation plan and the question would always come up… “Have you made any money yet?”

After we spoke and I agreed to go to convention, you asked me to encourage Bobby to attend with me. The thought of that almost made me sick to my stomach. I briefly mentioned it to him and there was no response. Three days later I dropped him off at the airport and I thought at that moment, I needed an answer.  So, I put it out there (I was sick in the belly), “I need an answer right now, will you go to the convention with me?”  He said “YES.” I went right to work and made all the reservations to attend the following weekend.

MAIC2022 was the absolute best thing that could have ever happened to us. I slowly saw his lightbulb coming on. He saw that everyone was treated like family. He not only enjoyed all the stage presentations, but he also enjoyed the booth experience downstairs. This allowed him to see the products up-close and ask questions.

Now let me tell you… the Autoworks booth was by far the best. Bobby spoke with the booth attendant, I believe his name was Shawn, for nearly 45 minutes about the products… Fast forward one weekend. Bobby had to drive from Buffalo to Virginia – a drive that we’ve done a million times before as his family lives there. This time he used the Autoworks Fuel Enhancer. That one product alone has totally blown his mind.

Previously, we never made that trip on a single tank of gas – but not only did he make it on one tank, he still had a quarter of a tank left when he arrived! Being a true skeptic, he filled up when he left and set the trip odometer. Once again, when he arrived home, he had a quarter of a tank remaining. He crunched the numbers… and quickly discovered he got over 100 additional miles per tank!

That adds up to a little over $25 in savings per tank – and that was just 1 once of the Autoworks Fuel Enhancer, so it already paid for itself in just one use. NOW Bobby’s on fire. We ordered 10 more bottles last night to sell. This morning, he texted me 30 minutes after we got to work to say he’d already sold them to his coworkers – and we didn’t even have them yet!

I plan on placing another large order in a few days. I told him, “That’s exactly how this business works. One-to-One Marketing – YOU DID IT!”  He just looked at me, like WOW.  I will continue to introduce him to our products and let them speak for themselves.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for giving me a few moments of your time. I may have been in this business for 4 years, but my journey begins RIGHT NOW.

Diana Pietrzak


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