UnFranchise Success: Roy Gingrich Maintains Momentum with MAIC2022

Team, I’d like to take a moment to share with you a great success story and resurgence of growth all based on building the business the right way. Roy Gingrich, from Hershey, PA, has been with Market America since the early years and is a great example of a UFO who understands the fundamentals of success.

Roy’s steady approach to building the business has generated massive success as a million-dollar earner – and his momentum has me so excited. After a successful UBP, Roy has two new people coming to MAIC2022. Even established, successful UnFranchise Owners understand the importance of maintaining growth and momentum by leveraging events like our upcoming International Convention. Take a page from Roy’s book and utilize this event as the phenomenal business-building opportunity it is.

I love seeing this type of new growth within the old guard – proof that it’s never too late to build success with the UnFranchise. We have what so many people want right now – it’s up to all of us to share this opportunity and bring new people to the event just like Roy. Even if you have to buy the tickets yourself – you’re still investing in your success and future!

The important thing to remember is we’re in crunch time right now with MAIC2022 fast approaching – and the best and highest use of your time is getting your people committed to being at International Convention. We just have a few weeks left to make a difference in this regard. Never stop working and utilize this event as a springboard for success by getting new people there just like Roy! Congratulations on your success, momentum, and Million-Dollar Club achievement! This is what happens when your build the business the right way! It’s never too late to build new momentum!

Keep Growing and See You at MAIC2022!

-JR Ridinger


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