The Family Business: Legacy Building with UFOs
the family business

One of the most incredible aspects of the UnFranchise business has always been the sense of community & family we share together. While it’s true our business is much like a family in that we’re all connected and all trying to help each other succeed – some UFOs really have made this a true family business!

As the years pass by, it’s been so inspiring to see more and more second and third-generation UFOs join us on this entrepreneurial journey. For me, this business has always been about helping families build a legacy of success that can be passed down through the generations, so I’ve highlighted some amazing UFOs who are building a legendary legacy together as a family of entrepreneurs.

I also welcome and encourage you to share your own stories and tell us how you’re building the “family” business! It’s always exciting to see new faces and learn about the next generation of entrepreneurs – so if you’re part of a multi-generational UFO family, leave me a comment and share your legacy-building stories with me!!! Your story is worth celebrating because it cuts to the core of what entrepreneurship is all about!!!

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