Stacy Tung’s Beautiful Memorial Service

Watching Stacy Tung’s memorial funeral brought us to tears but also inspired us as she is nothing less than a saint. While her life was tragically cut short, she accomplished so much & changed tens of thousands of lives. She left a mark on Loren and my soul and has left a legacy that shines as a beacon light for others to follow.

It’s just so tragic that she was taken so soon – I guess God has a plan and a need for her because a lifetime on our watch is but a second on his. Her memory and legacy will live on forever, but it’s difficult for us to express what she really meant to all of us and what she gave the world. I think her best friend and partner, Stella, expressed it best at the memorial service!

All I can say is Stacy – we will all see you up there some day. Our hearts go out to her family, Mom, husband Jack, and her son Oliver. Please keep her in your heart, soul and mind and live your dash to the fullest for her here while you’re here. Stacy – we love you – thank you for showing what is possible!


JR and Loren Ridinger