Stacy Tung: Memories & Memorial

It’s nearly impossible to put into words the type of impact Stacy Tung left on many of us. Through the UnFranchise Business and through her life, Stacy empowered others and helped so many people discover success. Her passing has left a hole in our hearts which can never be truly filled, but her memory and legacy lives on through the lives she touched. 

We witnessed an incredible outpouring of love and support from our UnFranchise family around the world, and I’d like to take a moment to share some of those comments and stories about the impact Stacy left. 

I’ve included some touching tributes & memories from members of her team who knew her well and worked with her directly, along with touching words of love and support from people who never even had the honor of meeting her. I hope that by reading through these, it will help her family heal & also understand exactly what Stacy meant to so many people. 

While her time here was tragically cut short, she touched so many lives and helped so many people along the way – she did more than some people could do with ten lifetimes.  Reading through these comments, stories, and memorial memories reminds us of the preciousness of life, and the importance of looking out for others – because that’s all Stacy ever did. 

Stacy Tung was a selfless hero and inspirational leader who will be deeply missed but never forgotten! We love you! 

Memories and Tributes from Field Leaders and Market Taiwan

From Director Year Chen:

Stacy was a caring and righteous leader. Not only did she utilize these traits for Market Taiwan, but she also used them for charity. Stella cared for animals and disadvantaged groups and would often ask us to invite friends and family for charity work. 

Stacy once coordinated a whole team to host a large charity fashion show, and its scale was on par with professional fashion shows. She was the show director and asked a few amateur models in our team to display clothes on a catwalk. We raised funds and donated to many Taiwanese charitable organizations to help the disadvantaged. 

Stacy was good at incorporating different elements. She could combine hosting a party, charity, having fun, and building her UnFranchise Business at the same time. With her guidance, she led us, a group of young entrepreneurs and pioneers, to follow a direction suitable for Generation Y and found the most suitable way for us to start a business with Market Taiwan. 

I was also taken care of by Stacy in the early days of entrepreneurship. She completely changed my attitude towards becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, I finally understand what entrepreneurship is, and I am determined to become a leader who leads by example like her. Even after ten years, her leadership style and spirit still affect me deeply.

Stacy acted with caring and integrity. She was born for Market Taiwan and had thoroughly lived out the Market Taiwan spirit of “One Hundred Percent Generation”. Despite her condition, she cared for her team members sincerely and enthusiastically. She treated each partner as if they were her own and had affected the lives of thousands of people. Although Stacy left, we will live out her spirit and demeanor to influence more people.

高級顧問經理級超連鎖店主 陳姿年



宥均總是能夠融合各種元素,辦party、做公益、have fun,同時又可以兼做美安,因為她這樣的引導,讓我們這一群年輕創業家先鋒,在這個生意用適合Y世代的方向,在美安找出最適合自己創業的路。



From Supervising Coordinator Steven Lin:

I’m Steven, Stacy’s high school classmate. Stacy was a popular student and was very active during high school.  

At the class reunion in 2006, I heard that Stacy was “starting a business”, which attracted my curiosity to learn more about the business. Stacy shared the business with joy. Her enthusiasm deeply impressed me. After I joined the business, Stacy kept sharing with me what she saw about the business. She felt so excited especially every time when she came back from the Market America World Conference and International Convention. In 2010, I was finally persuaded by her to attend my first Market America World Conference in Miami. I was so grateful to her for giving me insight into the business!

Stacy was very passionate about sharing the business. My most memorable encounter happened when a new partner just joined the business and worked late until midnight. Although Stacy and I were discussing the business with the partner at 1 a.m.., Stacy didn’t look tired at all. She already reached National Supervising Coordinator back then, but she was still energetic when discussing the business with partners. She always said that she maintained her enthusiasm since the first day of joining the business. 

I really appreciate having this old friend who I have known for nearly 30 years. I am grateful to her for her assistance in the business. I miss her very much! I will always remember her!

顧問經理級超連鎖店主 林郭軒





From Executive Director Stella Huang:

I’m Stella and I knew Stacy when I was 13 years old. Because both of us came from a single-parent family, we got along with each other pretty well. When she first started her Market Taiwan business, she shared the products and business opportunities with me. At that time, I had just taken leave without pay and worked as a translator at home while taking care of my children. I was looking for a better way to increase my income. I trusted Stacy very much, so I started this business.

Stacy worked hard and adheres to high standards, requiring us to learn to do our best with a professional attitude. She is a person with her heart, no matter how busy she was, she never forgot to greet others, and treat them with courtesy. The first few years of starting her business were very hard. Market Taiwan was still in its infancy. She hosted Corings in her living room to teach partners professional knowledge, how to buy and sell tickets, how to bring partners to participate in training, how to continuously achieve Master UFO and Challenges. She kept at it until more and more partners were able to think and act like an entrepreneur. Even though she already achieved a high UnFranchise level and passive income, she still led everyone forward by example.

She always wanted the best for team leaders and the team. Although I have known her for many years, when I was unwilling to shoulder the responsibility of being a leader and also to buy and sell tickets, she sternly communicated with me and hoped that I would understand the importance of the tickets. When I almost gave up in the face of family and financial challenges, she embraced me in tears and encouraged me to continue until I succeeded. Faced with various problems and temptations, she is not without struggle, but I always see her making honest decisions.

Love and integrity are the principles that I see her constantly upholding. She never forgot the importance of integrity and hoped that everyone will work together to protect Market Taiwan and operate honestly. She is a good friend and has comforted me, supported me, and strengthened me to grow together. She is also a role model of a successful leader and has inspired me to have a passion for life and business, bravely break through the limits, and set an example to realize my dreams.

I miss Stacy very much! Even though she has passed away, her hardworking figure, her legacy, her entrepreneurial spirit, her smile, her tears, her impassioned speech, will always stay in my heart. The leaders of the team and I were fortunate enough to work with her to build a team, and we will do our best to pass on this spirit!

執行高級顧問經理級超連鎖店主 黃思頻


Stacy認真做事,堅守高標準,要求我們學習用專業的態度做到最好。她用心做人,無論多麼忙,她總不忘問候關心,以禮相待。創業前幾年非常辛苦,美安公司仍在草創期,她在家裏客廳辦Coring教導夥伴專業知識,買票賣票帶夥伴參與培訓,持續達標Master UFO和挑戰獎,直到越來越多夥伴跟上創業的思維和行動。即便她已經有驚人的聘階和被動收入,仍以身作則帶領大家前進。




From Executive Director Simon Liu:

Throughout the course of our lives, we may meet some mentors having great influences on us. Undoubtedly,Stacy is the most important mentor in the life of my wife and me. Stacy’s entrepreneurship is always the goal that my wife and I want to achieve. She always used a stern but gentle voice and reminded us to face challenges with an entrepreneurial mind and vision.

I remember that my wife and I went to the Market America Convention with our team for the first time in 2011. Due to lack of experience and ability, we had many unpleasant misunderstandings with partners. On the plane flying back to Taiwan, Stacy saw the disappointment of us. She spent 15 hours long sharing her experience and stories; giving us suggestions on our future plans. Stacy was such a patient and inclusive person who was willing to spend so much time with us through our difficulties. This is Stacy, a leader who is willing to provide all the supports to help her partners become more successful.  

When we experienced tough moments, she told us that if someone can make it, you can make it. 

When we got lost, she told us that you should become a leader before you assemble a team, don’t assemble a team before you become a leader.

When we struggled with the business, she told us that you should not only work hard but also work smart. 

When we slacked off, she told us that if you don’t keep completing the Challenge, your partners won’t complete it too.   

When we were proud, she told us that the team can survive without you, but you cannot survive without the team.  

When we were irritated, she told us to deal with your mood first, and then deal with the business.  

Over the past 11 years of running the business, whenever we faced difficulties, Stacy could always find the best way to guide us on how to move forward. She provided us the solutions in the right way at the right time. Thank God for letting Stacy come into our lives. We believe that even if she left, her spirit and legacy will be passed down on partners. 

執行高級顧問經理級超連鎖店主 柳元涵





當我們辛苦時,她告訴我們:不只work hard,更要work smart。




經營美安這11年來的每一道難關,宥均總是能找到最好的方法指導我們該如何前進,她總是能在對的時間,用對的方式,告訴我們對的答案。感謝上天讓宥均進入我們的生命之中,所以我們相信,即使她離開了,她的精神和文化也會在夥伴的心中永遠傳承下去 。

From Executive Director KK Hsu:

The first friend I made through SHOP.COM : Stacy. 

I will always remember the first meeting with Stacy. She showed confidence and enthusiasm when she shared the business with me!

When I first met the team, the core values of the team: professionalism, self-confidence, glory, integrity, gregariousness, and gratitude, I have seen these values in Stacy again and again!

Stacy always led by example and was accountable! She always cared for every partner! She loved and hoped that all partners can fulfill their dreams, even if these partners hurt her heart…

You won’t see pride and complacency in Stacy. She was always modest, polite, and respectful! What you see in Stacy is the demeanor and model of a true leader!

Thank you, Stacy, for changing our lives and our family’s lives. Thank you for teaching us how to love others and improve ourselves! 

Everything about you is filled with love! We will inherit your spirit, your love, and your selflessness so that others can change their lives and realize their dreams!

Thank you. We love you forever! 

執行高級顧問經理級超連鎖店主 許育康








謝謝妳  我們永遠都愛妳!

From Claire Ni / Market Taiwan:

Stacy is truly a leader, an unbelievable leader, an incredible iron lady that I admire and respect tremendously since I’ve known her.  I still cannot think about the fact that she is no longer breathing like us do.

When I just joined the company, the first time I listened to her speech was on Market Taiwan convention.  Her words pounded everyone’s heart in the hall.  That is the first time I ever felt that Chinese woman can be so powerful, and influential.  And she was just like that in real life, firm believer of Market America, JR, Loren’s entrepreneurship, and delivered solidly to all UFOs who worked with her.

She is so decent, with high integrity, she took the high road, set the high bar for Market Taiwan UFO, even UFO in Asia Pacific, or Americas to follow.  And she is not just a talker, she set herself as a role model for what she believed.  She is probably the top 1 UFO who won the most Challenge Awards, or Master UFO even she is already an EFVP.

She is a loving mother, daughter, and wife.  She did not only love her family deeply, but also, UFO who worked with her.  Words would never be enough to describe her passion and love.  I still remember her eyes were shining whenever she talked about her loving son, husband, and everyone she loved, and, the UnFranchise business.

She was so strong, maybe too strong that she carried the whole thing by herself, she didn’t want anyone to worry about her in the past two years.  Though it is so hard to let her go, yet, we should let her go in peace, to rest in God’s home, and watching us from heaven.

Stacy, the leader that we shall never forget, and our appreciation is never enough.

An Outpouring of Love on Social Media 

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  • Sharon Lawrence – Stacy was a kind, loving, brilliant, passionate and caring leader. There are no words to describe the impact she made on everyone she touched. Although she is gone physically, her inspiring legacy will live on in our hearts and minds forever.
  • Jessica Lee – Physically you had left us, but mentally, you are still with us! Stacy. We love you & miss you. RIP 
  • Lehcar Etilur – That’s sad to hear but Praise God for her legacy. We will always remember her.
  • 宋怡– Do more to help people, be happy, stay healthy and FULL of love.
  • Stacy , you will be always in our heart. 
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  • Edward Cefiro – So shocked and saddened by this devastating news. Life is too short. But at least she was able to live her life charmingly and brought it to the max. She was an inspiration to thousands of desperated souls, a true leader and mentor not only for her team but for the entire MA team, a warrior who never give up even though she was diagnosed with cancer. RIP Stacy. You’ll be missed but not forgotten.
  • Jill Marissa – look how many lives she touched! Wow. An unforgettable superstar 
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  • Cheng Ching Thu – We are so saddened by the loss of a true leader. May the prayers with Stacy and rest in peace 
  • Wei Wei Ning – My heart is aching & crying for the incredible sad news of the passing of Stacy Tung, who is my business partner, my mentor, a true leader & successful young entrepreneur. Stacy is a role model for so many moms & women who can successfully run home-based business and take care of many other things at the same time. Her motivational spirit and action has touched my heart & influenced my life in so many different ways. Although she was my downline business partner but she was my mentor, a true team leader & a role model for my business & my real life. Stacy was the most accomplished, successful and respectful young entreprenure I’ve ever known in my life. Her confidence & big smile always motivated me to move forward no matter what kind of circumstance I’m facing in life. Dear Stacy, I love you so much & miss you so much. I can’t believe this is real and I can’t believe your life journey stopped at such a young age. We just don’t understand why and how this happened so unexpected and so fast. It is so sad to hear & unreal to accept. Dear Stacy, you will be forevers missed & memorized. And your legacy will be forever carried on. RIP my dear sister, my best friend & my role model in life.  
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  • 陳嘉琳 – 剛加入美安時第一個聽得就是宥均的新人BB班錄音檔. 得到了很大的啟發、第一次參加台灣年會,聽了她的壓軸演說. 她的真誠感動了我. 她的正直.無私. 有愛 one team one dream 的精神維護美安市場共好 . 更讓我知道. 我是執得的. 執得擁有更好的人生. 敢追求自己的夢想. 宥均. 感謝妳. 感謝妳留給我們的一切都是美好
  • Langze Phunkhang – May her soul Rest In Peace. Sincere condolences to the family!