Rohan Marley: The Coffee Executive of the Future

When SHOP.COM and Market America partnered with Marley Coffee, we knew we were getting much more than just the best coffee in the world. By partnering with Marley Coffee we’ve teamed up with one of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs in the coffee industry – Rohan Marley. Just like Marley Coffee, Rohan is a Jamaican original, with a style of his own. It’s no wonder this brilliant coffee mogul was just featured on the cover of Global Coffee Report as one of the hottest names in the coffee game!

Global Coffee Report

You can CLICK HERE to read Rohan’s great interview from the September/October issue of Global Coffee Report, where he speaks from the heart as he shares the story of Marley Coffee. Rohan Marley is the king of coffee, with the hottest coffee brand in the world! Lucky for us, you can get yours delivered right to your door with SHOP.COM – and the best part is you get paid to drink it!

Order your Marley Coffee from SHOP.COM and use your morning coffee routine to build your shopping annuity! Not only will you convert spending into earning, but you’ll also start your day with the best tasting coffee in the world – Marley Coffee!

Keep Growing and Congratulations to Rohan for this tremendous interview!

-JR Ridinger


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