Motives Cosmetics Outshines the Top Global Beauty Brands on Instagram

Social media platforms like Instagram are crucial tools that allow brands to interact with their customers and fans in a great forum. It’s a critical aspect of the branding process, and helps brands like Motives Cosmetics reach new people around the world. Loren and the Motives Mavens have been working hard to build a massive following for the Motives brand on Instagram, and it would be the understatement of the year to say they’ve been successful!

This time last year the Motives Instagram account had just a few thousand followers, but thanks to Loren’s brilliant social media strategy and the support of our amazing fans, the Motives brand now has over 787,000 loyal followers on Instagram! As the Motives Instagram page rapidly approaches the 800,000 follower mark, I think it’s important to take a step back to consider just how big of an impact Motives is making on Instagram.

Motives may not be as big or as established as legendary cosmetics companies like L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Estée Lauder, or Lancôme – but that doesn’t mean we can’t hold our own with them on Instagram. Not only does Motives Cosmetics have a larger following than each of these incredible cosmetics companies, but we have a larger following on Instagram than all of these companies COMBINED!

In fact, we took a closer look at the top ten global beauty brands in the world, and what we found might shock you. As you can see in the list below, the top ten global beauty brands are huge companies that have been around for years and have generated billions in revenue. These are the biggest players in the world in terms of cosmetics and beauty, but they can’t hold a candle to Motives’ success on Instagram*:

1) L’Oreal ($10.766 Billion) 195,303 total followers on Instagram

2) AVON ($6.384 Billion) 76,842 total followers on Instagram

3) Pantene ($6.163 Billion) 8,043 total followers on Instagram

4) Nivea ($6.079 Billion) 18,095 total followers on Instagram

5) Dove ($5.885 Billion) 11,679 total followers on Instagram

6) Garnier ($4.809 Billion) 11,470 total followers on Instagram

7) Estée Lauder ($4.589 Billion) 145,176 total followers on Instagram

8) Lancôme ($4.088 Billion) 199,814 total followers on Instagram

9) Olay ($4.083 Billion) 10,245 total followers on Instagram

10) Johnson’s ($3.603 Billion) does not use Instagram

As you can see, if you combined the Instagram followings for all of the top ten global beauty brands they still fall short of Motives’ massive following by over 100,000 people!

Right now, Motives has the fourth largest following of any U.S. cosmetics brand on Instagram, beating out huge companies like AVON, Estée Lauder, Olay, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Max Factor, Clinique, Urban Decay, Mary Kay, and Revlon. When we say that Motives Cosmetics is the hottest brand on the internet – now you know what we are talking about!

This is absolutely phenomenal exposure for us and is a testament to the incredible power of social media and Motives Cosmetics. Not only has our brand gone viral, but our massive success on Instagram has resulted in hundreds of new Motives Consultants and UnFranchise Owners. Thanks to all the Motives fans who support and engage with us on Instagram – without you none of this is possible!

If you’re not following Motives Cosmetics on Instagram, you’re missing out on the hottest cosmetics brand in the world!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger




*Instagram numbers collected 7/2/14


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