Lifestyle Marketing with Conquer Entertainment and SHOP.COM

Unfranchise and Market America Teams,

This is another dimension of the UnFranchise and gets to the core of social selling and digital marketing using lifestyle marketing.

This type of digital marketing and Lifestyle Marketing and Merchandizing and has huge potential in the UnFranchise system with our customer tracking system (MPCP). With the launch of the new rocking Conquer site going live at convention it is a game-changer and this method can work for everyone. The new Distributor recruiting site to also be released at convention can leverage this for anyone who is ready. Be at convention to learn how! This works and is the future income stream other than touring for Artists at all levels.

This is the essence of Lifestyle marketing using Conquer Entertainment, Market America, SHOP.COM, Social Media and Blogging. The new Conquer site will be introduced at convention and acts as a steroid for this type of marketing. Every emerging artist has a fanbase that idolizes and admires the artist and will buy what there wear and use the products they use. The artists’ fanbase acts like an NPO to support the artist by being on the shopping annuity or buying something they need from MA or SHOP.COM and the artist gets credit for it. Of course the ARTIST Music and routing is also promoted.

The future of Music is in Lifestyle Merchandizing! They will also be able to sell their own Merchandise and memorabilia or paraphernalia and get BV or IBV and add AWAKE, Motives, or OPC’s to the offers and campaigns. They can use ShopBox to help convert even more social shoppers with Facebook and Blogs. SHOP Trends is a natural here and works like a charm and engages the fanbase as well. It opens up the business to huge followings that would never otherwise be reached and expands the demographic both in retailing and sponsoring! Everyone loves music and everyone wants to be a star.

Congratulations to Tony and Michelle for pioneering the way once again!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger




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