July 25th, 2019

Kevin and Becky Byer: Ensuring Success Before You Start

Team I’d like to share another excellent update which highlights the recent success of founder’s session members Kevin and Becky Byer. I love seeing this and am so proud of them for applying what they learned at our training sessions and utilizing leadership, teamwork, & key fundamentals of the evaluation approach and ABC pattern to supercharging their business. Keep it up!!!! You really hit the nail on the head – when you do it right, you’re basically ensuring success before you even get started!

Keep Growing and See You at MAIC2019!!!


Founder’s Session Update from Kevin and Becky Byer: 

Happy Summer!!  

We wanted to write a message to all of you and share some of what has happened since the first Founder’s Session in October in Greenwich, CT and again in May at your home in Miami.    The training received hit home with us incredibly.  

Upon returning to Rochester, NY we had a discussion with Carl Eklund about many things, but two of the biggest concerns we had were:

  • 1) Growth of our own team was not happening as quickly as it should
  • 2) Rochester had seemed to take a step backward in growth, teamwork and attendance at local events.  

There are many great leaders in the Rochester area, but it seemed as though everyone was doing their own thing, and the cohesiveness and growth was not happening.  People’s organizations were stagnant for the most part.  

Once we were back in Rochester, we met separately with our team in person and via Zoom to share the information learned.  We also invited all the leaders in Carl’s organization in the Rochester area to our home to brainstorm on what we need to do to get Rochester back growing again.   Not all leaders came that were invited, but we did have a good turnout with ourselves, Donna Hoy, Jennifer Smith, Mike Vogt, Kim Perkins and Nicole Vosburgh in attendance.  

We talked about the evaluation approach, the ABC pattern, scheduling weekly HBP’s and starting to work together as strength in numbers.   Although we are all not financially connected, we needed to support each other and start growing Rochester again.  We scheduled the HBP’s at different homes, and we all supported these and the growth started to happen.  We scheduled NUOT’s and Basic 5’s, and Becky also hosted daytime trainings to help and support people that were available during the day.  We scheduled text/call workshops that Carl helped with in person when he was in town, and via Zoom when he was not.  

The HBP’s started overflowing, trial runs started to take place, and the ABC pattern was alive and well.   Becky and I have also been fortunate enough to be on Team All In, and getting to work with Elizabeth, and this has been very rewarding for us.   What Elizabeth shares with us on Team All In, we share with our team, and strive to get everyone to do these things.  We have had several trial runs, and I would like to elaborate on one particular trial run/ABC pattern we had started. 

We spoke with our daughter Lindsay, and had her start leading us to people.  She led us to her late husband’s best friend, Jesse, and we set him up for a plan showing.  Carl Eklund was in town, and came to our house to show the plan to Jesse.   Jesse was a 3, and we started his names list.  He then brought his girlfriend, Jessica, for Kevin to show them both the plan.   This led to Jessica’s mother coming to see the plan with a guest Matt, and her guest brought a guest Alex.  

We were now 5 levels deep into the ABC pattern, and they were wanting to get started.  We held two registration parties, and got the first four started.   Alex, the guest of the guest, needed to bring people to start his ABC pattern.  We scheduled an HBP for him, and he did not have any guests.   He really wanted to get started, but we told him that we were not interested in his $400.00, we were interested in his success.   Until he brings a names list, and people to see the business plan, we were not going to get him started.  

He still wanted to, and we declined to allow him to get started.   It was reinforced to him about doing the trial run, getting people in front of the plan, finding him customers and partners before he gets started.  To date, we still have not got him started.   We learned a valuable nugget from you JR at these sessions, to get to the people’s people and ensure their success before allowing them to get started.  

We have now added 10 new business partners, and 2 large non-profit organizations in the Las Vegas area since the session.   We continue to hold events, parties, HBP’s, trainings and stressing the evaluation approach.  Elizabeth and Carl have been fantastic mentors, and solidifying the need to grow correctly, and we love if you could share any thoughts on what you feel we could improve on.   Thank you all for your passionate leadership and mentoring in helping all of the UFO’s to have the tools and techniques to ensure their success!   

Keep Growing!!

Kevin & Becky Byer


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