Don and Lisa Martin: Director and Beyond

Team, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Don & Lisa Martin for hitting Director again, as this is a tremendous achievement. But more than anything, I’m excited to see they have no intention of stopping there. This is the perfect example of the winning mindset all successful UFOs possess…

Don Martin’s Message:

Just wanted to update you both that we just requalified for Director again with this paydate which will be tomorrow, and that it’s the last update of that I’ll be giving you both because the only thing that matters is the next few levels so others see it happening and realizing they can get it too. I’m getting ED and FVP before year end. So, although it’s cool that we keep requalifying for Director, it’s overdue for the next ones and the most important thing of getting our people to the next levels is our focus. Our new levels will hinge completely by us replacing ourselves and creating other directors in the team.

Love y’all.

Can’t wait for #MAIC2022.



While hitting Director is a great accomplishment, I love the fact they aren’t satisfied or complacent with what they’ve achieved. They understand that to succeed, we must help others succeed! That’s exactly the type of mindset you must have if you wish to build a legacy of success like Don and Lisa Martin.

Congratulations to Don and Lisa for requalifying! Your commitment to reaching Executive Director and Field Vice President is an inspiration to us all and I can’t wait to see what you and your team accomplish together!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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