February 12th, 2015

Congratulations to our MAWC2015 President’s Challenge Winners

MAWC2015 was an event filled with magic moments, and one of the biggest magic moments for me was having the honor of speaking at our President’s Challenge Award Reception. Having the chance to speak with my fellow UnFranchise Owners, and to celebrate their remarkable achievements with the business is such a special experience for me.

Everyone who attended this celebration understands what it takes to build a successful UnFranchise Business, and realizes the importance of working together as a team. These are the all-stars who lead the way rather than follow, and duplicate success for their teams.

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate all of our President’s Challenge winners for their remarkable success, and for helping serve as a guiding light for other UnFranchise Owners to follow. Below you’ll find a list of our challenge winners, along with some great pictures from the event. Share them online to celebrate the success of your fellow UnFranchise Owners and to spark a conversation about your business!

Keep Growing, and Congratulations to all our Challenge Winners!

-JR Ridinger


President’s Challenge Winners:

  • Jessica Bahena
  • Inderjit Brar
  • Wei Chang & Ye Qiao
  • Bo Chen
  • Kenneth Cook & Naomi Jordan-Cook
  • Shan Cui & Shaoping Du
  • Zhe Fan & Huanlin Lu
  • Dawn Florio
  • Xiao Fu & Min Qian
  • Gang He
  • Li Huang
  • May Hui & Jim Chiem
  • Bishop Bernard Jordan & Debra Jordan
  • Richard Ka-Chun Kwok
  • Julie Landsiedel
  • Michael Lazore
  • Guiying Li
  • Haiyan Li
  • Kao Lin
  • Lan Jiao & Jian Hua Liu
  • Xiaohui Liu
  • Yuan Liu
  • Xiaolin Ma
  • Qinghong Ma & Licong Zhang
  • Susan Markowitz
  • Evelyn Montero
  • Jessica Navarro
  • Toby Oetken & Aling Yao
  • She Jin Qiu & Shu Duan He
  • Kathleen Schindler-Brown
  • Ziqin Shao
  • Le Sun
  • Xiaodong Sun
  • Xiaoli Sun
  • Bintou & Alhassan Susso
  • Weiguo Xie
  • Jiahui Wang
  • Xiaoyan Wang
  • Yixao Wu
  • Fei Yan
  • Fan Yang
  • Al & Debbie Yentsch
  • Cuiquing Zhang
  • Yi Zhang
  • Liye Zhao & Kemin Li
  • Ke Zhu
  • Jonathan Ajodhia
  • Ruby Leah Montero


Motives Challenge Winners:

  • Nguyet Pham
  • Sultan Seher
  • Hua Mai
  • Chiem Brooklyn Jenifer
  • Ma Qinghong
  • Tiffiny Luong
  • Laura Laire
  • Inderjit Brar


nutraMetrix Challenge Winners:

  • Julie Landsiedel
  • Susan Markowitz
  • Kim Parr
  • Abby Phillips
  • Cheryl Wilson
  • Michelle Yao


MA WebCenters Challenge Winners:

  • Sue Gilad
  • Ginny Hull Hartline
  • Qinghong Ma & Li Cong Zhang
  • Greg Taba
  • Michael Zupp


TLS Weight Loss Challenge Winners:

  • Jane Chen
  • William Hau & Sosan Hua
  • Corrie Yi Shan Huang
  • Joanne Orshan
  • Kam Parker & April Dennis
  • Kim Parr
  • Susan Pasqual
  • Carin Roberts


DSC_4525 DSC_4528 DSC_4530 DSC_4538 DSC_4539 DSC_4540 DSC_4541 DSC_4543 DSC_4544 DSC_4546 DSC_4548 DSC_4552 DSC_4555 DSC_4557 DSC_4560 DSC_4563 DSC_4564 DSC_4568 DSC_4574 DSC_4575 DSC_4577 DSC_4578 DSC_4579 DSC_4580 DSC_4581 DSC_4582 DSC_4588 DSC_4590 DSC_4591 DSC_4592 DSC_4596 DSC_4598 DSC_4599 DSC_4601 DSC_4602 DSC_4605 DSC_4607 DSC_4608 DSC_4612 DSC_4613 DSC_4614 DSC_4615 DSC_4619 DSC_4621 DSC_4623 DSC_4627 DSC_4629 DSC_4631 DSC_4632 DSC_4635 DSC_4640 DSC_4641 DSC_4642 DSC_4643 DSC_4644 DSC_4645 DSC_4646 DSC_4647 DSC_4649 DSC_4650 DSC_4653 DSC_4655 DSC_4657 DSC_4660 DSC_4662 DSC_4664 DSC_4667 DSC_4670 DSC_4674 DSC_4676 DSC_4677 DSC_4679 DSC_4681 DSC_4683 DSC_4684 DSC_4685 DSC_4688 DSC_4690 DSC_4692 DSC_4694 DSC_4704 DSC_4715 DSC_4735 DSC_4743 DSC_4744 DSC_4746 DSC_4748 DSC_4750 DSC_4759 IMG_2353

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