Market America Founding Family Featured in Special Edition of ELLE Taiwan

This is such a fabulous honor for our family. Not only was Amber just featured on the cover of the May 2022 Special Issue of ELLE Taiwan, but they did an entire spread on the Market America Founding Family and our global success story! A special thanks to the ELLE Taiwan Team for this tremendous feature which includes insightful interviews with Loren, Marc, Steve, Amber & me where we have the opportunity to share more about our entrepreneurial journey, the people, and the products which drive our growth and success.

It’s always such an honor to share our story with the world – thanks to ELLE Taiwan for giving us this unique opportunity! Buying this special issue is a great way for UFOs to commemorate & celebrate the global success story we’re writing together, so be sure to get your copy today here: 



*Images Courtesy ELLE Taiwan


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