In the News: Sharing Media Hits to Give Your Business a Boost

Team, I’d like to share with you now a couple of recent media hits which give us great exposure and can help you spark interest in your business! I recently had two articles featured on – which is very exciting when you consider what a major player they are and have such a significant online audience. 

These types of powerful branding and marking efforts have a direct impact on your success and growth as an UnFranchise Owner – so let me know how you’re using these resources! We’ve often said Market America is one of the best kept secrets in the business world – but the secret is out!

We offer an entrepreneurial opportunity so many are seeking right now – so share these media hits from and give your business a boost! It may be exactly what you need to attract new customers and new business partners!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Articles on


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