Carmelo Anthony is 6th Youngest NBA Player to Reach 20,000 Points

Last night was a big night for my brother Carmelo Anthony. Hitting the game-winning shot is usually enough to make it a special night, but Melo also hit a remarkable career milestone during the Knicks’ 96-93 victory over the Charlotte Hornets. During last night’s victory Carmelo became the 6th youngest player in the history of the NBA to score 20,000 points in his career! Melo is in his prime and is only getting better, and I can’t wait to see where he ends up on the all-time scoring list – especially since Phil Jackson’s arrival has helped revitalize the franchise!

Carmelo is a champion and a great teammate, that’s what we partnered with him to create Isotonix Champion Blend Plus. It’s an incredible supplement that helps you stay on top of your game, so be sure to visit SHOP.COM to get yours today. In the meantime join me in congratulating Carmelo for his 20,000 point milestone by sharing this on social media! Way to go Melo!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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