Making an Impact: Celebrating Market Taiwan’s Tree Planting & Afforestation Achievements

Team, I have an incredible story to share with you from our UnFranchise family in Taiwan that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

Since 2017, Market Taiwan has worked with Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau in an effort to help with a massive reforestation initiative. And help they did! The Market Taiwan team donated nearly $400,000 and planted more than 45,000 trees!! This remarkable achievement allowed Market Taiwan to be ranked in the Top 3 in the Trillion Trees Campaign by the United Nations Environment Programme.  

I’ve included below an incredible quote from Market Taiwan Country Manager Claire Ni, along with some amazing videos which feature the tremendous environmentally-impactful contributions from the Market Taiwan team. 

I’m so proud of Market Taiwan for this amazing accomplishment and for playing a proactive role in helping to improve and sustain the environment. Its truly inspiring to see what happens when people power is put into action! Congratulations to Claire Ni, Kevin Buckman, and the entire Market Taiwan team for representing our company on a global scale and making an incredible impact on the environment!!!

Quote from Market Taiwan Country Manager, Claire Ni:

“Since 2017, Market Taiwan has collaborated with Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau (COA) to host some events, including the “One Tree One Hope” Million Trees Project. We donated close to $400,000 to the Forestry Bureau and planted more than 45,000 trees in a more 64 acres on 14 pieces of land in Taiwan. The trees we planted enabled Market Taiwan to be ranked top 3 in the Trillion Trees Campaign held by the United Nations Environment Programme. In the event co-organized by Market Taiwan and the Forestry Bureau, the trees we planted are the species that attract bees for their nectar. These are also native tree species in Taiwan. We hope that through the tree-planting and afforestation activity, wildlife can also come to this land to nurture its next generations.”

Market Taiwan FTV Full Video

Market Taiwan FTV Short Version

Market Taiwan FTV Claire Ni

Market Taiwan Kevin Buckman


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