People Power: The 2021 Market Taiwan Annual Convention

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some tremendous images from this past weekend’s 2021 Market Taiwan Annual Convention which had 30,000 attendees along with the world connecting via Zoom. It was a truly monumental event with a full house and all-star lineup. You can see the energy was palpable – we even had the opportunity to speak live at the event from out home in the US – gotta love technology!

We’re looking forward to being able to celebrate and learn together in person at MAIC2021, and these exciting images from this weekend’s event in Taiwan ids a great preview for what we have in store later this year in the U.S. (barring any pandemic setbacks).

Have a look below at some excellent shots from MTWAC2021 which really capture the energy, excitement, and passion of our global UnFranchise family I’m so proud of everyone who helped make this such a powerful and dynamic learning experience. They also hosted the largest UBP ever at this event with over 11,000 people on hand for that – simply incredible! Congratulations to the Market Taiwan team for hosting one of the biggest and best events we’ve ever seen. This is what global people power is all about!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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