February 9th, 2019

MAWC2019: The Close

Day Three of MAWC2019 was an epic close to an incredible learning experience and major stepping stone for your success. The Shopping Annuity has landed, and as we continue to roll out new products, new programs, and new partnerships that take it all to the next level – everyone here is going to reap the benefits because you’re early adopters. The Shopping Annuity is an idea whose time has come – and all the pieces are falling into place. The only thing that’s missing is you.

We all arrived here as a result of the choices we made, and we all have another choice to make. We can choose to imprint the right things and fly like geese, or do the wrong things and remain chickens. The choice seems pretty simple to me – but only you can make that choice and decide what you want to be in this business.

Remember, god gave you a billion dollar supercomputer in your head – but its up to you to program it. It’s being constantly programmed by your thoughts, your actions, your environment, and the choices you make. If you program your brain the right way, with positive believe instead of doubts, incredible things will start to happen for you.

Time another was an important theme I focused on, and I hope you understand the importance of putting your dreams first – otherwise they’ll never fit into your life. That’s the only way you’ll make them a reality!





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