#MAWC2015 Mobile Releases

At World Conference, Steve Ashley and Kevin Curley shared several new enhancements to Market America’s mobile suite of products that will streamline your business-building efforts anywhere you are. In case you missed them, here’s a full recap.


Motives Mobile Website

The hottest cosmetics brand on social media meets the best of mobile commerce! The new motivescosmetics.com mobile website brings all of the best features from the desktop site to your mobile device with a few twists. You can set up your next Motives® Online Party, register prospects through the Join Now process, and your customers will love the new EZ Checkout, consolidating the checkout process into only two steps. Available by visiting motivescosmetics.com on your mobile browser.


ShopBuddy Mobile Application

Get all of your flash sales and discounts in one application with the new ShopBuddy mobile application. Begin with a quick survey of the product categories in which you are most interested and end with a list of the best discounts from our providers specific to your interests. Click here to watch a video about the new app. Available in the U.S. through the Apple App Store.


SHOP.COM Mobile Application

With all of the best features of SHOP.COM plus the added functionality that is specific to mobile applications, the SHOP.COM mobile app offers customers the best of all worlds. For instance, use the application to reorder a product like Isotonix OPC-3® Chews by scanning the bar code to conduct a quick search. Users will also receive notifications of when new Market America products are added to the site or when you leave items in your shopping cart. Tired of putting in login credentials? With Touch ID, simply set up your fingerprint to log you into the application. Click here to watch a video about the new app. Available in the U.S., Canada and Taiwan through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


SHOP.COM Mobile Website

Shopping from SHOP.COM has never been easier from your mobile device. SHOP.COM Mobile Web makes building your Shopping Annuity® and earning Cashback even easier by giving you access to over 35 million products in the palm of your hand. With the new comparison shopping feature, you can quickly check the best value on that new TV you have been wanting or that piece of jewelry for someone special. Available in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore by typing SHOP.COM in your mobile browser.


UnFranchise Mobile Website

Your business never stops, so you need access to your UnFranchise® Business Account when you want it! UnFranchise Mobile Web allows you to check volume, buy Market America and OneCart products, register a new UnFranchise Owner, and submit your Form 1000, all from your mobile device. With the additions of the Personally Sponsored, Incomplete Signups and Open Placement reports, we have made it even easier to place your new UnFranchise Owner or your BV/IBV from your next product order. Click here to watch a video to learn more about the site’s features. Available in all market countries by typing unfranchise.com in your mobile browser.