Be a Leader, Not a Boss

This is the center of my philosophy in business and life! The same holds true on building an Unfranchise organization! To me, a “Boss” is a dirty word. Being an entrepreneur is essentially a rebellion against the concept – that’s why I’m a leader, not a boss.

Even in a corporate setting I am not the boss. I am a customer and the person I am paying is the provider. If I am not happy with their work or services — I am an unhappy customer and they are a compromised provider that is at risk. To get more or to have security they need to make me a happy customer by providing better service or results (product).

In an organization, it is leadership. If someone does not want to follow the lead and believe in the vision for their own motivation and fulfillment to WIN— they are on the wrong team. Leadership is not bestowed but earned and leading by example is where it begins. It’s all about being in the same boat, rowing in the same direction for a common vision and everyone winning. Productivity is the measurement of speed of the boat.

For UFO’s leading is all about being at International Convention and getting your people there too. Leadership inside Market America is about taking personal responsibility with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish the strategic plan regarding our main focuses of Digital Marketing excellence, The Shopping Annuity, and Global Expansion. Everyone has a role to play and an oar in their hands, and we need to all be rowing in the same direction, with the same cadence.

In our organization corporately everyone has well defined objectives and they have partnerships with other departments or teammates and they have a set of Provider-Customer relationships with others. Each one has to take ownership of their part of the game and passionately work to win as a TEAM. It is no different with a UFO team and their organization.

Teamwork makes the dream work when everyone does their part and rows in the same direction. I hope that for you, that destination is new PIN LEVELS – and the only way to get there is by being at International Convention. Lead the way to success by being at #MAIC2014 with your team!
Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


boss vs leader


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