Congratulations to our MAWC2022 Challenge Winners 

I’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all our MAWC2022 Challenge Winners! These UnFranchise Owners are leading the parade and setting the pace as trailblazers who go the way and show the way for others to follow. These UFOs serve as a beacon light which illustrates the great things which can happen when you believe in yourself and follow the system. All the effort you’ve put into building your business has translated into these remarkable challenge accomplishments. Congratulations and thank you for setting a tremendous example for everyone to emulate!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Chairman’s Challenge Winners

  • Dawn Florio
  • Melisa Mistler
  • Emily Pennito
  • Hongna Du

TLS Challenge Winners

  • Campbell Chang & Linda Wei
  • HuiZhen Chen
  • Jessica Chen
  • YingHung Chiang & ChiaChen Wu
  • Hang Ying Cho
  • Tiffany Chou & Tony Hung
  • Ray Hsu
  • ChiaWei Liao
  • Yi-Chi Liou
  • YuFen Pan
  • Deng Tian
  • Jane Wang
  • Huilan Zhao
  • Yan Ling Zhao

nutraMetrix Challenge Winners

  • Jocelynn Holleran
  • Katherine Knapp
  • Julie Landsiedel

WebCenters Challenge Winners

  • Chih-Hung Chen
  • Carmen Ames
  • Chwen Lim

Motives Challenge Winners

  • Kristy Tu
  • Maleeva Epperson
  • Maria & Michael Kepes
  • William & Aleksandra Cummings
  • Jewel Wacker
  • Martha Rosser

Skincare Challenge Winners

  • Kristy Tu
  • William & Aleksandra Cummings
  • Grace Chung
  • Amele Tarakinikini
  • Maleeva Epperson
  • Jewel Wacker

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