Utilizing Our Powerful New Digital Education and Credibility Video

Team, I’d like to share with you an excellent update I just received from Jason Pelland which really hits the nail on the head in terms of using the educational and credibility resources we have (including our brand new video) to fully leverage your business-building efforts with the evaluation approach, imprinting, and trial runs. When used correctly these resources make a huge difference and really maximizes your results when done the right way.

This is a great example of the methods which work best, and I hope everyone takes a moment to review Jason’s message and consider how you can apply this to your own business building efforts. While the PowerPoint we’ve created has a ton of useful information, the additional video also packs a lot of information which is so easy to share and utilize – especially as you conduct follow-ups. It helps inoculate people at the beginning to help counteract any disinformation or anything that may initially undermine their interest. I’ve included the new video below, along with a download link for the actual video file so you can utilize it in your own presentations & meetings… 


Download the video file here

Download the full PowerPoint here

It’s important for everyone to know and understand that you CANNOT just send this video out. That does NOT work!!!

Everyone should show this new video at the beginning of every presentation whether it be 1 on 1, 2 on 1, Overview, Evaluation up to 2 to 3 year plan HBP, or UBP first; then afterwards mention it and if there is a way quickly show them what it contains so they can do responsible due diligence and book the follow up. At the follow up we focus on the evaluation approach and how to do a trial run, so this is a logical addition to the arsenal and perfect time to present it. 

The sooner a prospect can be show this video the better, because the internet search is so accessible, Wikipedia, and Google are so prevalent and accessible and there is no filter or merit review whatsoever – and as a result all types of misinformation or propaganda with ulterior motives can be found. An uninformed person cannot really discern what is legitimate or not unfortunately.  

I’m experimenting with using it before the plan or before the evaluation approach but I have to be with them or talking to them and I explain that this is 5 minutes of what we’re about and what the company is doing as a quick preview to see if you are interested and learning more about it or doing me a favor and evaluating it to see if you know the right people – in which case it could mean some $ to you if you know the right people. 

This is crucial for building credibility. I give the 30 second overview description evaluation approach here and the 15 second and customized reason why they may know the right people as the reason I asked or called them. I’m getting great results and am fine-tuning it, but I want to reiterate that you CANNOT just send the video out or share it on social media – that’s simply NOT ENOUGH! 

I love seeing how you’re utilizing this type of resource so feel free to leave me a comment and update just like Jason Pelland’s message below. Tell me what you experience, your successes and triumphs or breakthroughs and your questions or trip-ups. Be sure to read Jason’s comments and experience below as well!!!! 

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

Update from Jason Pelland:

Subject: Digital Education and Credibility Presentation and Video

This has been a GRAND SLAM!  Jumping on this initiative quickly was great, but to see the tools morph from the PowerPoint to the Google Slide to the video that was released was incredible.  We had implemented going through the PowerPoint in the first follow-up after showing the plan, and it was well-received.  However, this video was so well-done that it makes the process of following up with guests in the ABC Patterns so easy, streamlined, and effective. 

It has not only inoculated them up front, but I’ve already seen instances where the prospects are postured and handling objections to their closest contacts through the evaluation approach more so than ever. Prospects usually have hope and continue the process because of their goals and dreams, but they can get stamped out quickly when there’s too much negativity facing them from their closest friends and family.  However, this video takes them from hoping this company is legitimate and is an answer to their problems to having faith that they are making a wise decision to continue the process with us.  Their belief will be developed as they continue the patterns, trying products, introducing us to people, attending events, etc.  But to have faith is a necessary step to developing belief. 

I presented a UBP on Tuesday night where we had 8 guests, and 2 of the guests had brought their own guests.  In the introduction meeting BEFORE the meeting, I asked these new guests what they had learned so far or knew, and BOTH of the guests replied how they were very skeptical, “of these types of companies” and were “anti-network marketing” but were coming in order to “save their friends.” But they were impressed that when they had done their online research on their friend’s behalf and brought up concerns before ever agreeing to meet with us, that their friends (the original prospects) had educated them on the reviews, name hijacking, and lawsuit information.  This solidified the meeting for them to attend our meeting and evaluate the business.

Without these tools, especially the video, this follow-up meeting would have never happened, the prospects would not have been willing to attend the meeting to evaluate it for their friend, AND most-importantly, they would’ve poisoned our original prospects and potentially stopped the pattern in its tracks!

Thank you so much for working so hard on this initiative and doing everything to improve the online reputation!

Brilliant job!