U.S. Products Now Available on SHOP.COM Global for Customers in Mexico

Expand your customer sales into the world’s 13th-largest country

Market America is excited to announce that you can now sell U.S. exclusive products through your SHOP.COM Global (GLOBAL.SHOP.COM) site to customers in Mexico. This opens a country of more than 129 million people to purchase Isotonix, Motives, Lumière de Vie, DNA Miracles and more of the company’s exclusive brands.

SHOP.COM Global is a great way to build a new customer base in Mexico, and when customers purchase from your SHOP.COM Global site, it’s just like building in your home country. All your orders from customers in Mexico who purchase on SHOP.COM Global earn you retail profit and home-country BV. 

There could be an opportunity in the near future to convert Mexico to an Emerging Markets Program (EMP) country, and this can be accomplished by increasing the number of customers from Mexico who purchase Market America products each quarter. 

Here is very important information for you and your Mexico customers regarding the shipping process and the number of products and dollar amount allowed per order: 

  • No more than US$200.00 in product cost per order (does not include shipping or tax)
  • No more than three of any one item allowed per order 

To receive a SHOP.COM Global order in Mexico, the customer is responsible to respond to communications (by phone or email) from our Latin courier, EP-Box, in Laredo, Texas. This communication is for declaring the value to Mexico Customs of their order and pay the required taxes/duties to the forwarder (EP-Box) before the order is delivered. The forwarder will collect 16% IVA Mexico tax on the declared value of each shipment directly. Once the payment has been made, the forwarder will ship the order. Most packages will be delivered within five to eight business days from the time the 16% IVA tax is paid. Please encourage all your customers in Mexico to make sure they provide a valid email address and phone number for shipments to be delivered smoothly. 

It is an exciting time to make Market America products available in Mexico. There is great potential for making a difference!


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