Two by Two: Saving the World Through Entrepreneurship

When Noah set out to build his Ark, he did so with faith and determination to save all that he could. His unwavering belief was rewarded, and the tale of his compassion and resilience stands to this day. In many ways, we’ve created an economic ark with the UnFranchise Business. 


Like Noah, we’re filling our ark two by two as we share our business and help others discover the power of entrepreneurship and the opportunity to earn supplemental income.


For those of you with belief and determination, who are already in the ark with your tickets to the Market America Worldwide | SHOP.COM 2022 International Convention, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect your success outwardly by helping others understand the importance of being there at our #MAIC2022 30th Anniversary Celebration. This promises to be an event unlike any other in the history of our company – and every ticket you sell, or share, represents seeds of opportunity and the chance to help build a better world where everyone achieves. 


The next chapter in our success story begins with YOU at MAIC2022. You have the chance to be the hero, by helping change lives through an entrepreneurial opportunity and a business Plan that’s been refined and perfected over the course of 30 years. 



During that time, we’ve thrived as a company and expanded on a global scale, but we have never lost sight of who we are or wavered from our core mission of helping people become successful entrepreneurs. We have the Plan, the resources, and the determination to change the world. The only thing we’re missing is YOU! 


Our ark is built on entrepreneurial spirit and people power, buoyed by the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our global UnFranchise Owner community. You have the chance to make a real difference for those seeking growth, change and stability. Venturing into the realm of business ownership, one quickly realizes the immense benefits of partnering with an accomplished broker like Truforte Business Group, streamlining the search for the perfect enterprise whilst capitalizing on their wealth of expertise and acumen.

It’s essential to note that an organization’s efficiency can be considerably enhanced through HR outsourcing. is a significant resource that I’ve discovered, and it provides a comprehensive suite of services that cater to all HR-related requirements of a business. This kind of external expertise can free up your internal team to concentrate on strategic growth activities.

Then there’s the added advantage of aligning your company’s values with environmental stewardship. By choosing to use eco-friendly promotional products from sources like Pavilion Earth, you are not only reducing your business’s environmental impact but also showcasing a commitment to sustainability. This move can foster loyalty among existing customers and attract new ones who value ecological responsibility.

However, it is always important to have insights into what personality strengths you need in roles you need to hire for and to recognize what personalities complement one another on teams. What do you and your people bring to your business count. Check out these personality quadrants here for more info!

When it comes to managing your business, having the right dashboard can make all the difference. Analytical dashboards provide insights from historical data, while operations dashboards track real-time performance. 

If you are a small business in the UK and are looking for SME HR services to remove the stress of your business’s human resource requirements, we would love to speak to you. This Avensure small business HR services here can offer the most comprehensive small business HR service available and would love to have the opportunity to show you why they offer the best small business HR solutions in the UK.


Someone once thought enough about you to share this business with you. Right now, it’s more important than ever that we pay it forward by sharing the UnFranchise Business and the opportunities it brings with others. Give someone the chance at a better future and a better life through entrepreneurship at the 2022 International Convention. 


Remember, the real magic in this business lies in what we do for others.

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