Trends in Nutrition & New Exclusive Formulas: Join Us for a Powerful Online Summit on April 8th

Last week’s World Conference was a tremendous learning opportunity for everyone, and next week the nutraMetrix & TLS teams are keeping the momentum going strong with free online summit which is open to everyone!

The is the perfect opportunity to learn about Trends in Nutrition & New Exclusive Formulas from some brilliant industry experts including Nancy J. Miller-Ihli, PhD, Sosan Hua, CDE, Deedra Mason, ND, and Sarah Tugender – Director of Sales for nutraMetrix.

This panel of experts will offer their valuable insights on some important topics which directly impacts all of us. CLICK HERE to learn more about his event and register for this free online summit. This is a simple way to tap into expert info!! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger