March 27th, 2020

The Solution for In-Demand Products: Recommended Alternatives

Let’s face it, with skyrocketing demand for many products, sometimes it can be difficult as a consumer to get the products and brands you want. Our product & purchasing teams have done a tremendous job keeping our supply chains goin strong, but even so, with demand so high for certain health and cleaning products, you’ll occasionally see that we’re out of stock. While this is always a temporary situation with products naturally coming back in stock within our robust supply cycle – we still wanted to do something to help people searching for immediate options and solutions. 

Sometimes you can’t wait for a product to get back in-stock, and for those situations we’ve got the perfect solution, our new Recommend Alternatives feature on I’ve included a screenshot below with this feature to give you an idea of how it works…

The great part is these Recommended Alternatives were hand-picked by Market America’s Director of Clinical Research, Dr. Deedra Mason. These hand-picked alternatives are a great feature to utilize now with high demand for so many products. Knowing the right product alternatives can make a huge difference and is also great for us to learn as product brokers!

So keep in mind, we are constantly working to restock items, but if you happen to need something that’s out of stock, you can use our Recommended Alternatives feature to find an immediate solution. In the process you may discover some excellent Market America products to try! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger

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