The MAIC2020 Advantage

Our upcoming 2020 Market America International Convention is going to be one of the most empowering events we’ve ever hosted – and the fact that it’s going to be hosted online means it’s easier than ever for everyone to tap into this crucial learning opportunity. Below you’ll find an amazing collection of videos from UnFranchise Owners who provide their own take on MAIC2020 and discuss why tuning in for this event is so important for you and your teams. Be sure to watch these videos and share them with your team to inspire and educate them about MAIC2020!

We’ve also got a special webinar slated for Wednesday, August 19th at 8:00pm EDT, where Andrew Weissman will discuss #MAIC2020 Advantages and why YOU need to tune in for this powerhouse event. To register for Andrew’s webinar on Wednesday evening, CLICK HERE. In the meantime, have a look below at some great videos from UnFranchise leaders who understand the importance of leveraging events like MAIC2020!

If you haven’t already done so – be sure to get your MAIC2020 tickets today!!!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

The #MAIC2020 Advantage with Field Vice President, Liyen Ho

The #MAIC2020 Advantage with International Field President, James Kuo

The #MAIC2020 Advantage with National Supervising Coordinators, Beth and Pip Black

The #MAIC2020 Advantage with Executive Field Vice President, Ted Chou

The #MAIC2020 Advantage with Executive Director, Donald Qi

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