October 30th, 2020

Step Up to the Challenge: 28 Days of Health

Last’s nights Zoom was a tremendous kickoff for the 28 Days of Health Challenge. It’s something we’re all very passionate about, and wanted to do something that was proactive & focused on helping everyone reach their health goals. I’ve included below a replay of our webinar from last night, along with additional information about the 28 Days of Health Challenge. You can also CLICK HERE to see the full webinar schedule for this exciting new series on Zoom. This is a great opportunity to for everyone to support one another

How You Can Participate in the Challenge

Determine your #healthgoals based on our three challenge bundles.

  • Visit the #HealthGoals page on the Shop.com and UnFranchise.com site and choose one of our carefully selected avenues to focus on. Decide if you’d like to add one product from the bundle or all four products into your routine.
  1. Beauty from the Inside OutOPC-3 Beauty BlendPure CollagenIsotonix AstaxanthinOxygen Extreme
  2. Destress your LifeIsotonix MagnesiumIsotonix Activated B ComplexBlissHeart Health Omega III
  3. Follow your GutNutriClean Fiber PowderProbiotics 10Curcumin ExtremeStrawberry Kiwi Ultimate Aloe

Different health goals?

Follow along on our MA Healthy Living social media feeds where Dr. Deedra Mason, Market America’s Director of nutraMetrix® and Clinical Education, will be taking a deeper dive into the foundations of health and the importance of determining a routine to support your health goals. See how adding one new product into your routine can make all the difference.

Join Us

Each Wednesday in November Dr. Deedra Mason will be hosting a Zoom Series: That’s Not True, where she will address some common, and not so common, misconceptions when it comes to health and nutrition. In addition to this, Dr. Dee will be popping onto our @marketamericahealthyliving account each evening to share tidbits of information with you on a variety of topics including, losing weight after 40, customizing your supplementation, starting a routine and so much more. You won’t want to miss this.

Follow Along

Be sure that you’re following along on our new health and nutrition accounts on both Facebook and Instagram. On MA Healthy Living, you’ll learn more about building a routine from the one and only, Dr. Dee.

Get Social

  • Use the official challenge hashtag, #28DAYSOFHEALTH to share your posts with us and your customers.
  • Document your morning routine (photos & videos) and share it with us and your network.
  • Share what you are noticing along the way, your new favorite product(s), and encourage others to join in.
  • Encourage your customers to document their journey, consider offering them a discount on a re-order if they document their #28DAYSOFHEALTH. After all, you already know that word of mouth is one of the best ways to get referrals, so you will want their friends and family to ask what they have been using to support their health goals.
  • Use the hashtags #28DAYSOFHEALTH and #MAHEALTHYLIVING and be sure to tag our MA Healthy Living accounts in all of your social posts. We may randomly be rewarding our challenge participants along the way, so don’t forget to tag us!


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