#ShoppingAnnuity Success Stories: Hitting the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool

The Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool has been live for less than two months, and there’s already a handful of UnFranchise Owner’s who’ve hit the bonus pool requirements! Converting spending into earning with the Shopping Annuity is an incredible opportunity for you to leverage – especially during the Holiday Shopping Season! The incredible part is these UnFranchise Owners have already hit the #ShoppingAnnuity Bonus Pool before the holiday shopping rush really kicks in:

  1. Elizabeth Weber
  2. Jackie and Chris Blasko
  3. Dave Redding
  4. Al and Debbie Yentsch
  5. Ryan and Sara Rose Stack
  6. Deb Anderson, NY, Master Coordinator
  7. Aubrey Lueck Clay
  8. Lisa Grant
  9. Linda Chelius, Master Coordinator

Congratulations to these incredible field leaders who are helping set the pace and leading by example! It’s not even December yet – so just imagine what will happen to your business if you Leverage the Holiday Shopping Season to convert spending into earning with your team! Holiday shopping is a crucial piece of this puzzle, but true success with the Shopping Annuity goes far beyond holiday spending.

These UnFranchise Owners have already hit the Shopping Annuity Bonus Pool because they understand that to fully leverage this system you must adopt the right mindset for everyday shopping. Whenever you are thinking about making a purchase – ask yourself – is this helping build my Shopping Annuity? Adopt the Shopping Annuity Mindset you you’ll see your name on this list too!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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