SHOP.COM Global Deliveries to Canada Now Much Faster

Team, I’d like to share with you a great announcement regarding SHOP.COM Global Deliveries to Canada – as we’ve just secured UPS Expedited Service as our delivery service for Global SHOP.COM orders in Canada. That means you’ll now be able to get the products you love even quicker! Continue reading below to learn more about this exciting development which will have a huge impact on UFOs and PCs in Canada! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 

U.S. Market America products delivered in Canada in as few as two days!

Orders from SHOP.COM Global (GLOBAL.SHOP.COM) in Canada just got better! Market America is excited to announce that we have secured UPS Expedited Service as our standard delivery service for Canadian orders from your SHOP.COM Global site. For you and your Preferred Customers, this means that products which used to take one to two weeks to deliver will now take only two to four business days. 

Speedy delivery will increase the number of people purchasing exclusive U.S. Market America products for personal consumption that are not available in Canada. This will increase both BV and IBV commissions. This is an overall win for Canadian UnFranchise® Owners who are building organizations and maximizing their opportunities.

There are rules when placing orders on SHOP.COM Global that you have to be aware of so that your orders will not be delayed: 

  • All orders are for personal consumption only. They are not for resale. Canadian law prohibits reselling of any product purchases through SHOP.COM Global.
  • All sales of items on SHOP.COM Global are limited to a 90-day supply of each item with a maximum of US$1,000.00 in product cost per order.
  • GST and PST will be collected at the time your product order is placed through SHOP.COM Global. Also, fees are calculated for the province to which you are shipping your order.
  • Packages should be shipped to your home address or a residential address. Shipping packages to a business address is not recommended because they could raise red flags with customs during the clearance of your parcel. Avoid using a business address.
  • Do not use P.O. Box addresses for delivery. UPS cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes, so be sure to use a physical address. Market America will not ship a SHOP.COM Global order to a P.O. Box. 

Market America is always focused on supporting the growth of all UnFranchise® Owners to the next level. Be sure to leverage your SHOP.COM Global site for your Preferred Customers who have needs for products that are not available for sale in Canada. There has never been a better time to grow your UnFranchise Business than right now and in Canada. Together we will accomplish more!


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