July 11th, 2019

Powerful UnFranchise Business Account Resources at Your Fingertips

Your UnFranchise Business Account serves as the hub of your UnFranchise – and our team has been hard at work updating and improving this crucial piece of the puzzle for you. I’ve listed below some of the recent updates we’ve highlighted just to give you an idea of some of the latest features we’ve released on UnFranchise.com. Everything about your UnFranchise Business Account is designed to help you maximize your efforts and make building your business as easy and efficient as possible. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our recent updates and resources you need:

  • Powerful Product Recommendations to Help You Leverage Consumable and Seasonal Spending 
  • Important Business Building Articles and Videos
  • 10-20-30 Products at Your Fingertips
  • Banners that Outline Important Things You Need to Know About
  • Bulk Add for MyLists and AutoShip
  • Savings Calculation*

I’ve also included some of the incredible feedback we’ve received so far concerning the latest updates to your UnFranchise Business Account. Have a look below at what others have had to say about these awesome updates! 

Keep Growing!

JR Ridinger


  • Its more user friendly now
  • I love the fact that I can have my favorites right in front of me when I open the page
  • I like seeing that I do not have any alerts
  • Easy access to the information
  • The alert box is my favorite
  • It provides a great deal of information in a clearer form
  • Product search right at the top of the homepage and Business Center.
  • Like that we can check for orders easily, see alerts and BV/IBV banks easily
  • Everything at your fingertips
  • I love the dashboard style, so I can quickly look at my stats.
  • Clear visibility and accessibility
  • I love that I can decide for myself what I want to see first 🙂
  • The alerts are real easy to navigate. I also LOVE the birthday countdown
  • I love all the updates, the videos, the new product carousels.
  • I love the way you can have more widgets 😉
  • I like being able to click the drop-down arrows to access the information quickly.
  • Educational, Events info, Product info ordering
  • Easy access to BV, IBV totals, purge warning, SAMM
  • Information is always new and updated. New, refreshing photo swags to alert you to new things tells me right away what to look at. I’ve always liked the back office for useful access to my credit card account, preferred customer accounts.
  • I like the redesign-it’s fresher. On desktop-I’d still like to see multiple widgets stacked-say 4 and then arrow over.
  • New look and accessibility when on my mobile device
  • I like the bv ibv display on top of the pageIt is updated faster than the numbers on network volume report
  • The convenience of being able to have a quick overview of what I typically would look at without too many clicks to find the info I may need
  • I like the page is my digital dashboard.
  • It’s very easy to navigate
  • Quick access to the most used features through the widgets bar.
  • It is always getting better and more user friendly.
  • It is easy to navigate around and to utilize
  • I love the ease of locating information and the new look.
  • It’s much easier to find the most important tools and information just by scrolling down. Plus it’s easier to find IBV and read UnFranchise news and JR’s blog. It’s easier! Thank you
  • I think it’s very visually appealing and I like that there is a section for most everything you would need to do. The featured products, shortcut to blogs, education, etc.
  • The diverse amount of information that can be overviewed on one page, quickly.


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