People Power: 2019 Market United Kingdom Annual Convention

This past weekend our Market UK UnFranchise Owners came together for a very special event – the 2019 Market United Kingdom Annual Convention in Birmingham, England! This was a tremendous gathering of entrepreneurs, not to mention it was an excellent opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest UnFranchise Owners in the business. A special thanks to Andrew Weissman and Don Martin for visiting the UK to share their knowledge and insights with the teams on hand.

This is also a great time to congratulate Don Martin who was recently appointed the new Director of the GMTSS for the United Kingdom! He’s a truly brilliant entrepreneur who really knows how to get the most out of the UnFranchise, and I can’t wait to see how the GMTSS flourishes in the UK under Don’s guidance. In the meantime, have a look below at some great images from the 2019 Market United Kingdom Annual Convention! This is what global people power is all about! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger 


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