MAWC2021: The Power of Belief

Day Two of MAWC2021 was such an action packed day filled with magic moments and powerful presentations. I hope you’re beginning to understand just how empowering this business can be!! 

People get trapped in the system of trading time for money. I’m trying to help the world break free of that antiquated paradigm!!! I’m sick & tired of seeing people work until 70 & 80 because they can’t afford to retire. I think there’s something fundamentally wrong about that. 

But anytime you set out to change the status quo, you’re going to face naysayers and detractors. The truth is, some people are just afraid to succeed. Thirty years ago they called me crazy. Now they call me lucky. You’re right I’m lucky. I’m lucky I didn’t listen to the people who thought I was crazy for trying to change the world! 

We have a miraculous methodology and system that changes the game and helps even the playing field by helping average people become entrepreneurs. Our binomial system is what really sets us apart and makes us such a unique entrepreneurial opportunity. 

Everyone works together vertically so it compounds and the odds of individual success increase. The binomial system and MPCP are simply superior. 

We have a great solution for the modern age and an entrepreneurial opportunity many are seeking. This business recruits itself but you still have to go through the process of shaking the bean jar to make it all effective!! 

Our system helps you increase your chances for success but you have to possess the right mindset to really make it click. Some of you are so close to changing your life you just need that extra little push to make it happen. Our number one product has always been belief, because without belief in yourself you’ll never accomplish anything. 

This business amplifies its power because it’s so duplicatable. Everything we do is designed to help increase your probability for success. All we think about is creating new ways to help you succeed!!! You just need a little ambition – because we have the plan! 

We made the plan so realistic that any average person can do it. But you have to want it. You have to put in the work. We made it so easy and systemized plus we’ve removed most of the entry barriers. We have the mechanism you need and the system for success but none of it works without your people power. Our business is about putting success within reach for everyone!!! 

Our collective buying power can force prices down and BV & IBV Up! We have one of the most advanced e-commerce universal shopping carts in the world. We’ve put everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips. Nobody else has what we have – especially when you consider all the technology, systems, and tools we continuously roll out!!

We only have one goal – for you to make money!!!!  The UnFranchise Marketing app combined with SHOP Live and the MPCP is a seriously powerful recipe for success!!! You have the tools you need, you simply need to put in the effort to make it all come to fruition. It all starts with believing in yourself.

Before it was done by Sir Edmund Hillary, everyone thought it was impossible to climb Mt. Everest. Now it’s done almost routinely. Sometimes you have to first see someone accomplish something before you realize you also have that potential within yourself. Achieving success in this business works in a similar way. Sure it’s tough but we have the path & the tools to help you climb!!! 

It’s the same with the 4 minute mile. Before it was done, it was thought of as impossible. It took Roger Bannister beating the 4 minute mile to help others realize they could do it as well. In many ways our business works the same way. Sometimes you just need to see someone do it first to realize it’s possible. Every glass ceiling Elizabeth Weber shatters in our business proves to others it can be done. You have to succeed to show others the way!!!! 

I believe everyone has that same capacity to achieve greatness. People like Elizabeth are successful because they believed in themselves enough to fearlessly chase their dream. You have to believe in yourself too – because I believe in you!!!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger