Market America Launches Full Sign Up Wizard Mobile

At last month’s World Conference we discussed all of the incredible things we’re working on to tap into the power of Mobile Devices – and now we’ve got a new update to share with you! I’m very excited to announce that the full Sign Up Wizard Mobile is now available! Having the ability to manage your business on the go is a crucial component of your success, and being able to utilize the full Sign-Up Wizard on your mobile device will really help in that regard.

Below you’ll find a message from our Vice President of Mobile and Social Products, Steve Ashley, along with some images that help explain how the Sign Up Wizard Mobile will really help your UnFranchise Business. As mobile devices continue to evolve and increase in popularity this will only become more important!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Now you can sign up anyone at any time with the Sign Up Wizard Mobile. Sign Up Wizard Mobile lets you do everything you can do on the desktop (sign up new UnFranchise Owners, finish incomplete signups, set up transfer buying, etc) in a mobile-optimized format. It puts the ease in signing up new partners on your mobile phone or tablet and is available for all market countries. There are two ways to access the site:

(A) Login to your UnFranchise account via your mobile phone or tablet, tab on “Sign Up Wizard” under the “Forms” section and get started or

(B) Type in in your browser via your mobile phone or tablet and begin your new sign up by using your UnFranchise account login. (Be sure to create an icon shortcut to your home screen so that you can easily begin a sign up in the future with a tab on the icon.)

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