June 30th, 2017

MA25 Years Contest, Part 5: Your Last Chance to Enter!!!

The MA25 Years Contest has yielded some excellent entries so far with amazing tips and comments from our UFOs around the world. This contest has not only been a great trip down memory lane and a celebration of 25 years of business, but it’s also provided everyone with tremendous advice that can make a positive impact on your business growth. I’ve included below a great selection of quotes and tips that have been provided so far by UFOs, and as you can see the responses have been excellent:

  • “My #1 tip would be to use the home shopping list! It is such a great tool to help you as well as your customers convert their spending into earning!! Not sure if we have something? Check the list! It’s that simple!” Amy Loggins
  • “One of my best tips for funding your Shopping Annuity is to take the Shopping Annuity Assessment. Identify what BV products you want to buy in the pre named lists that you can change based on where the products are located in your home. Recommendations will come up for the Important Events during the year that you can put in a Registry or on a Wish List to make it easier for you to share a month ahead of time so people buy from it and contribute to your Shopping Annuity.” -Kim Marie Pauline
  • “Having Shop Buddy downloaded is a must. This little online shopping assistant not only saves me time but lots of money! Keeps me focused on only buying from partner stores when you see the little S.” -Jennifer Schmidt
  • “Just have fun with it! I always try to double and triple dip, but even if I can’t I always shop from our partner stores and ShopBuddy always helps me get the best deal, find the best store and keeps track of everything for me! It is just what we do now and teach others the power behind the Shopping Annuity!” -Karen Margelofsky

We’ve been picking 5 incredible winners for each part of this contest five part contest, and now we’re in the home stretch with just a few days left to enter Part 5! Lucky for you it only takes a few minutes to enter this contest for a chance to win a ticket to #MAWC2018 and even a chance to win 2 VIP seats!!!

To enter the MA25 Years Contest, CLICK HERE to visit the Part 5 Contest Page and simply follow the instructions in the blog post. You’ll need to log in through either your Facebook account or email address with the Rafflecopter widget you’ll see at the bottom of the post, then complete a few easy tasks. For each part of the contest we’ve been asking a different question, and Part 5 focuses on my Keep Growing Video Series.  As I said, it only takes a few minutes to enter and you have a great chance to win big!

Don’t delay! The MA 25 Years Contest ends in just a few days, so visit the UnFranchise Blog today and enter Part 5 today.

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger




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