Learn and Grow: Utilizing the Closed Caption Feature On YouTube

Team, I’ve got some excellent news regarding a recent update from YouTube which ultimately makes our videos more engaging and empowering for UnFranchise Owners around the globe. YouTube has just rolled out an impressive Closed Captioning update which provides excellent subtitles for videos – and for global companies such as ours with UFOs all around the world, this will be so empowering and helpful! I’ve included below a quick step by step tutorial which shows how to enable this great feature on YouTube to help everyone learn in their language! 

Here’s how to utilize YouTube’s new Closed Captioning System:

First, click on the “Settings” gear icon… 

Then select Subtitles/CC…

On the next screen select Auto-Translate 

This will bring up a huge list of language options to choose from…

Now you can learn and grow with these videos in your native language! 

You can toggle the Closed Captions ON & OFF by clicking the CC icon here…

As you can see, it’s an impressive algorithm which does a really solid job of providing closed captions for YouTube videos. This means it’s easier than ever to overcome the language barrier and introduce our business to new people! This is yet another tool to utilize in the ever-changing global market and a great resource for UnFranchise Owners to be aware of. 

You’ll notice that it takes time for YouTube to apply these captions to our newer videos – so if you see a new video of ours without captions just give it some time and YouTube will eventually add them. Overall this is a really impressive system and a great tool to help UnFranchise Owners and prospects get even more from our videos. 

Our multimedia team creates some fabulous professional videos so be sure to utilize this feature to make these videos even more empowering for your business! 

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger  


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