Knowledge is Power: Download The UnFranchise Media Mobile App Today

For years I’ve been telling you that Information + Application = Transformation and a huge part of that philosophy relies on your ability to tap into new technology. Cultivating the right attitude and developing your knowledge base is absolutely critical to your success in life, so much so that it is #1 of the Basic 5!

Fortunately for you, Market America and SHOP.COM have one of the best mobile teams in the world, who are constantly developing new tools and technology for you to utilize. In fact, they just released a phenomenal new app that’s going to take your UnFranchise Business to the next level – The UnFranchise Media Mobile App!


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This incredible app gives you easy, instant access to the resources you need to achieve greatness with your UnFranchise Business – BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!

Even though the new UnFranchise Media Mobile App has only been out for a few days it’s already received a ton of great reviews online! Here are a few testimonials from people who are raving about this awesome new tool:


  • “Easy and on the go…. something I’ve always wanted!” – Na Mi (10/14/15)
  • “Challenge solved! No excuse not to listen to audios and support your mental well-being 🙂 “ – Matthew Lucas (10/11/15)
  • “Just amazing – this is my business school!!!” – Walter Cullispuma (10/11/15)
  • “Works great! Much more convenient than the conventional method. Now there’s no excuse to keep from listening to any of the audios.” – Patrick DeCastro (10/12/15)
  • “Secret to the top Best way for you to stay focused and gain knowledge is by listening to audios!” – Michael Chen (10/12/15)
  • “Listen & Learn Entrepreneurship Knowledge is the key…” – Hobie & Nina Armstrong (10/12/15)
  • “Wow what a great app” – Brian Beckman (10/15/15)
  • “Love it” – Rashedul Wahid (10/11/15)


The reviews are in – and the new UnFranchise Media Mobile App is a hit!!!

The best part is this app works for ALL MARKET COUNTRIES!!!

Listening to these audios and trainings on the go is a great way to fully maximize your time and make your downtime the perfect time to sharpen your UnFranchise knowledge. Remember, Knowledge is Power – so empower yourself and your team by downloading the new UnFranchise Media Mobile App today! SHARE your experiences on social media and SHARE this with your team to help spread the word about this amazing new resource for UnFranchise Owners!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


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