It is Incredible What is Happening Right Before Our Eyes

Wow! What an amazing conference! It is incredible what is happening right before our eyes. Two years ago, we realized that we needed to find a star IT “quarterback” as a Chief Technology Officer – and we most assuredly found that in Michael Brady. We needed experienced Web 3.0 geniuses who would lead us into agile development, new .NET languages, new techniques and technology, and new ways of thinking.

We certainly needed to take a quantum leap in Search Engine Optimization; it was the only way we would be a leading Internet marketing company that could change the way people shop. We didn’t know where the consumer traffic would come from. It began with thinking and a commitment with a clear vision. By the way, it’s further evidence that you don’t need to know exactly where people will come from. It’s the thinking and the process that leads to the traffic and creates the result!

We began networking and searching. We filled the funnel and bean jar, shook it up, and the nuts rose to the top. It is amazing how intelligent people know and lead to other intelligent people and geniuses know other geniuses. People who built outstanding teams or were outstanding team members know the right people. We moved from 66th to 54th place on the Internet Retailer rankings this year, but that was before the effects of the new Dream Teams impacted things. Next year we will be in the Top 10.

michael brady

We have a team of top engineers, developers, architects, SEO experts, .NET developers, networking geniuses, security brainiacs, and experienced, agile development managers. I could write pages on all the amazing things that are happening. Every week there are new deployments, releases and developments. The Portal gets better and faster every day. We are already mobile and it will just get better.

You can see it happening: recommendations on mobile and the Portal, comparison shopping, better design, hot deals, ma® Messenger, ma Network, ma Chatterbox improvements, ma MyWorld is rocking, improved site speed, better reports, Paid to Shop (ma Cashback), getting paid to be online with widgets and banners, and much more. We are now leading the parade rather than catching up. We have a team second to none.

jr ridinger

We now have that SEO superstar in Brian McDowell and you will start to see ma products and programs moving to the top of the search engines. We are also about to release a social matching lead and prospect system to fill those bean jars. Get ready for the most exciting year ever. Be sure to be at International Convention in Greensboro, N.C. to see the results and experience the difference!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger