November 1st, 2016

Incredible Coring with Jim and Lisa Winkler in Phoenix

I’d like to share this excellent update I received last night from Jim Winkler – who along with his brilliant wife Lisa just hosted a tremendous coring with their team in Phoenix, AZ. This is the way you build the business with the Shopping Annuity and arm your team with the tools and knowledge they need to be successful! I’m so proud of what this team is accomplishing and expect big things from them in the future! Have a look below at a great update from Jim and Lisa which talks about their business building trip to Phoenix, and the results they are experiencing with their team. Remember – teamwork makes the dream work!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


We had an incredible coring last night with the team in Phoenix.  Trina Maduro stepped up and did a great segment on how the Arizona team has grown to over the last ten months.  Lisa and I trained on the Shopping Annuity Bonus Program, the new online Master UFO program, how crucial it is to build in the homes, how to set appointments, call workshops, how to book the next meeting and different ways to show the plan.  We did a lot of role playing and interaction on each segment.   So proud of this team and all the people in the area.

-Jim Winkler


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6 Responses to Incredible Coring with Jim and Lisa Winkler in Phoenix

  1. Jim & Lisa are phenomenal and everything we hoped for in a leader and mentor! Thanks so much JR for believing in US! TEAM BEAST MODE Phoenix loves you big time

  2. Gail Aungst says:

    We are so blessed to have Jim and Lisa Winkler here and to learn from them. This is exactly what we need to plug our team into and build the belief and hope. Thank you for all you do! We want to be the fastest growing team, here in Arizona, and we couldn’t have been handed any better of a gift!

  3. Charity Vaughn says:

    This is soo awesome. We are so honored to learn from Jim and Lisa. We are so glad and thankful that they are commiting to help each and every one of us succeed. I absolutely love Market America,GMTSS, and the great leaders who continously lead the way. Thank you for your vision JR of wanting people to become a family and work together.

  4. Toy Taylor says:

    Jim and Lisa are inspiring us to move mountains after every meeting. We have been planning and learning each other’s strength to move our business forward since Sunday night. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

  5. Kathy Brophy says:

    I was able to participate via webinar!! I’m so very greatful have such positive, productive coaching!! Thanks Jim and Lisa!!

  6. Such a great coring. Thank you for making available via webinar for me in Canada, my husband was lucky enough to be in Phoenix during the coring. JP enjoyed the practical learning and even participated in a call workshop role play in front of the crowd. Lots of real learning and best practices to implement in our own businesses. Always fired up after hearing Jim & Lisa speak!

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