Coupons Now Available on SHOP.COM Global

Team, I’ve got a very important UnFranchise announcement to share with you which has the propensity to supercharge your business on a global scale. We are very excited to announce a new feature on SHOP.COM Global which allows UFOs to offer a 5% or 10% coupon! We know special promotions and coupons are a driving force in the purchase process which ultimate helps you entice new customers while helping them discover our world-class products. 

To use this feature, log in to > My Customers > Coupon Admin and Marketing. Once there, choose either GLOBAL5OFF or GLOBAL10OFF and select Global SHOP.COM under the Select Website(s) list. After that, proceed as usual — you can choose what segments to offer this to, how long to run this, etc. — and click on “Create Coupon.” 

You can share this with your Preferred Customers on SHOP.COM Global, or you can also use the coupon marketing tool to email your customers this coupon. From the Coupon Admin and Marketing page, click on the Coupon Marketing tab, choose a non-Market Country in the By Country/Region list, select the GLOBAL5OFF or GLOBAL10OFF coupon and send an email to your customers in that country.

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 


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