Capitalize on the New Wave of Growth and UnFranchise Renaissance at MAIC2022!

I hope everyone understands MAIC2022 represents an important milestone for our business because it marks 30 years of incredible success as well as our return to in-person, live events. Right now, there’s an entrepreneurial renaissance occurring within the business, and you need to attend the 2022 Market America International Convention if you want to experience this yourself!

The Market America Executive team is pulling out all the stops to make this the most incredible International Convention in our company’s history with a totally new format, new learning opportunities, new experiences – plus our special Celebrity flair! This event will be one they talk about for years to come, so make sure you’re there with your team!

If you BELIEVE, know your WHY & have a REASON to SUCCEED – then you’ll be at MAIC2022!

Right now, the best and highest use of your time is to focus on getting your whole team to International Convention – because this is the KEY to reaching critical mass so your business can explode and grow like never before. Events like MAIC2022 can have a compounding effect on your success because it clarifies your understanding of the strategies behind our growth while also reinvigorating and motivating your team to achieve greatness.

It all starts with belief – and that belief comes from attending events like MAIC2022. One needs belief, excitement, knowledge, and teamwork to make it happen – and you get all of these and much more at International Convention. Attending MAIC2022 will squeeze 6 months of learning and knowledge into one powerhouse weekend – giving you and your team the confidence and belief to make it happen. Being there with your team and prospective business partners is what it’s all about if you want things to change and take off!!

There’s never been a better time to be an UnFranchise Owner than RIGHT NOW.  People are waking up to reality and are concerned about inflation and their economic situation. People who were previously too busy or consumed before are listening now and want to find direction and a possible solution. People want to be part of something special that can change their lives – and we have what they seek!

People want to join us and be on our winning team because we provide the means to generate supplemental income in an age of economic uncertainty. We achieve our goals and dreams by helping others succeed. In order to make it in the business, you need to have or find people who want to succeed. Right?!? Isn’t that the key? You’re sitting on top of a goldmine or a mountain of diamonds. Why?…

You have people who’ve come forward in your existing organization who’ve said they want to be at MAIC2022 and get started again and want to grow and jumpstart their UnFranchise business again. People who attend International Convention leave with a new level of belief, focus, and commitment – and they know what to do to make their dreams a tangible reality. The probability of them leading to people and making it happen is extremely high – especially if they have a proactive partner like YOU. This is what you’ve wanted and hoped for – so now is the time to capitalize!

They’ve said they want to build the business; they want to be at MAIC2022 and get started again or grow faster and would do it if they had the funds. They’ve said if they could earn it through retailing products or utilizing SHOP Live or another method like Trial-Size Marketing -they would commit to attending MAIC2022!


This is a serious breakthrough and what I hope you as a senior partner or upline leader would love to know and find. It’s like sitting on top of a goldmine or a diamond mine. If they do the retail event or get some help to do it and make it happen, they will go to MAIC2022 with you! That is a game-changer and what is needed to overcome inertia and start an avalanche of new growth!!!

This is how we built the company and made it all happen when we first began – and it’s thrilling to see those same principles of success applied again today! These people have reached out – it seems to me this is why you’re in the business & what you’ve been looking for! This is it!!! So…

  • How do you cash in on this?
  • How do you use this?
  • How do you leverage this or mine this for the diamonds in the rough or hit a vein of gold?

The analogy is finding someone who comes to convention and commits to doing it with you going forward will hit levels and that means you will be succeeding and growing and hitting checks and levels too. All you needed was the people who wanted to do it and now you have them!

Everyone wants to do it, but it’s human nature to be a little shy or scared. Sometimes you have to overcome inertia to move forward. That is where you come in! They want to retail enough product through people they know or through using SHOP Live or through other methods. What you need to do is partner with them – and that starts by being proactive and calling them, getting with them, and partnering with them on a SHOP Live or helping them retail by one of the many methods.

It only takes a couple of good customers leading to customers and they have enough to go to convention – and we’ve done a lot to make it more affordable travel-wise and hotel-wise. I used to invest in advertising and marketing and promotion $ on my business every year by helping a couple of people get there. It was the best money I ever spent and suggest you consider doing the same – as they came and were blown away and left the event with newfound excitement. They were all-in and committed, got 6 months of knowledge in a weekend, and when we got home, we blew it up together and kept the momentum going! People like Pam and Tony Bowling were on that list of real-life success stories that led to scores of directors. That’s the magic of compounding success, but…


Once MAIC2022 is over, it’s over! You have people who’ve reached out to ask for help and said they will go if they can retail product to get there. They pledged to use the retail profits to go to convention. They are primed & ready, and you benefit from it as well! You have opportunity knocking at your door right now. Are you going to answer it???

If you believe and want to succeed, you have to do something with it!!! You have their names, right??? Reach out to them!!! Call them!!! Email them!!! If you need help – arrange a group call with your team or get your senior partner to get on the call with you. Teamwork makes the dream work.

This is all it takes to change everything – but you have to do something!!! We’ve removed all the obstacles and excuses. Sometimes it just comes down to one simple thing – if you want more out of life – try or cry.

I would love to meet with anyone at MAIC2022 who gets someone there by following this approach to do a little session on going back home together and kicking it off to build the business to a six-figure income over the next 2 years!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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