November 6th, 2015

A Very Important Message for the Market America Team

Dear Market America Team,

Let me get one thing perfectly straight: contrary to a former UFO’s ridiculous speculation in a social media post yesterday, Loren and I are not “selling the company.”  To “the Chinese” or anybody else for that matter!  We are in this—with you—for the long haul.  And you know I come from good genes, as my parents lived well into their 90’s, I do yoga, run two miles and take Isotonix and OPC-3 every day!

I don’t keep secrets from you. You may recall that I emphatically turned down several offers to sell the company before. I even addressed 21,000 UFO’s at past conventions on it passionately. Here is the video:

As I stated, then, ‘it is not about money and I love doing this too much, besides, it is not mine to sell because the UFO’s are the company and stakeholders and cannot be sold.’ I then gave the investment banker who was making the proposal a “brain spanking” and offered him a chance to become a UFO!

This is a mission, not a company, and a mission is not for sale! Loren and I have been, and remain, “all in.”  As I told you at International Convention in August, this is the most exciting time in the 24 year history of Market America.  The shopping annuity will change lives! When I walked the tightrope and pushed that wheelbarrow over the stage at Convention, I asked you all to believe, and get in the wheelbarrow with me.  Let’s go!

Together we will make this the best chapter in our book.  Please continue to ignore the ramblings and rumblings from a few disillusioned folks who probably can’t build an organization now without poaching from others—don’t let their preposterous rumors create fear, uncertainty, and doubt where none exists. Thanks for your continued support.

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


22 Responses to A Very Important Message for the Market America Team

  1. Yvonne says:

    JR, we believe in you just like you always believe in us! Thanks!

  2. Janet Thomas says:

    Thank-you JR for being an exceptional leader for an incredible company! God has Blessed us All!

  3. Michael WELLMAN says:

    I believe! I am down line of a few of those dilutional people. I have met the sabp every single time and will continue to! Thanks for your leadership! I could go on for hours but I believe in you as well!

    Michael j WELLMAN

  4. Pat says:

    Thank you for all you and the corporate team do for us! And for your willingness to address this issue head-on. Appreciated so much!

  5. Big Al says:

    August 1996 was a a game changer and we did not know it….
    November 4,1996 I attended my first Local Seminar you did in College Park MD and we trick Debbie into coming… From then we knew an extra $300 would HELP..but did not know fulley until we attended Leadership School in 1997 (Tampa) what we had our hands on… We have NOT MISSED anything since then because we knew the importance of the stytem and today we just started our 20th year and all we say THANKS…….As I always says VERTICAL MARKETING…100% of 100% = 100%…..What other company is the CEO a distribtor first and started a company based on what the AVERAGE PERSON can do what what the CEO WANTS YOU TO DO….JR you are sooo special..Were so thanksful you coming into our LIFE……Thanks..

  6. Cheyn Crangle says:

    Never been more excited, never been more prouder 🙂

  7. Dave & Maria Silva says:

    All in as we have been from Day One!

  8. Rosie Romero says:

    MA is the best company it could ever existed. Thank you JR & loren. You guys are awesome.

  9. Yilu says:

    Love the company so much! The company is a big family which could give you residual income, great friends and time freedom!!

  10. Francine Freeman says:

    JR and Loren , we are grateful to have you both as leaders. We are thankful for your dedication and love for us as UFO’s. Keep dreaming Big…you Rich B@$+@£#! #marketamericaisallthatandmore.

  11. Nayeli Martinez says:

    JR. You inspire persons all over the world. Thank you!!! I believe in you, Loren, Dennis, and coprorate team.

  12. Bonnie and Scott Philo says:

    We are in it for the long haul and for 21 years you have been our MA family!!:) We love you and believe in you and look forward to our future and the next 21 years plus plus plus!:) xoxo

  13. Maleeva says:

    You gave that speech at my first ever gala, and I still tell that story to every new partner that comes on board. My belief is stronger than ever and we’re in it for the long haul!

  14. Lily H. Brainard says:

    Dear JR and Loren, My team believe in you just like you believe in us! Thank you for your leadership and help our dream come true!

  15. We are on the journey together – tightrope, wheelbarrow – our collective dreams and vision.
    Appreciate you and all in corporate team. No doubt, no maybe, just go now…

  16. SUZANNA Kail says:

    Never had a doubt. Extreme gratitude to YOU, Loren and the Corporate Team!

  17. Michael McLaughlin says:

    JR, thanks so much for this opportunity. Linda & I have been proud Unfranchise Owners since 2001. We have not achieved the financial success we see for ourselves and while at the sametime seeing others achieve financial success, – we are proud of their success. This is 100% explained through your definition of success. “The individual who succeeds simply does what the individual who failed did not do OR was not willing to do.” I knew and have professed this fact to others long before I heard it from Kevin Buckman. “Your are exactly where your are because that is where you want to be because of the choices you’ve made – it’s a choice.” Even though the income has not matched what I say I want it to be, it has been a blessing as supplemental income and has made a difference in our lives. So the only reason it does not match my vision is on me, not JR, not the corporate team, and not the unfrnachise system, – and who can change that, ME. I have been and remain loyal to our “TEAM” and the unfranchise system. I never live with regrets and I don’t believe I ever will but I do feel some regret in not doing my part in helping you achieve your goal set a few years ago – to fill the arena with Directors and above. I sense that goal can be achieved in 2019 (you may see this differently) I commit to you that I will do my part and Linda & I will be Directors by then and bring one or two with us.

    Looking forward to Directors’ Day.


  18. Carrie Davin says:

    When you make your mark in life, you will always attract erasers. What you have built cannot be erased 😉

  19. Carole Anderson says:

    JR and Loren. For nearly 23 years now we can testify to your undying loyalty to the field and everyone else involved in the company. We have stood with you always and have been better for it. We know your hearts and the mission. We love you and admire your courage throughout the years. We have been through some tough times, but those trials only purify the mission. Thank you for all the support and love over the years. We are truly grateful.

  20. Hi JR and Loren,
    Infact my Wife Sandy and I just joined for 9 month in this missionary. Although your day time is our night time, and our day times is your night time. We are lived so far from you, but yet we can see this business and the potential. We also see the transparency and not hiding of any thing from us. What I can say is I hate to late to know but still thanks God we are proud to have a chance to register to be a UFO In my country. We believe another 20 year we will like the senior partner to help more people to be healthy and prosperity.Thank JR for your creation.

  21. I came to USA as a student visa and earned my citizenship after completed my Master Degree. I heard to get ahead in this country (the land of opportunity) is to go get my PHD and yes I completed with my student loan $150,000 rose to $225,000 now (interest). Though, I’m employ 4 jobs, working for 15 years. I have to…so I’ll be able to pay my student loan. I thank you for my friend for introducing me to MA. My 2 years earning in cash back, retail profits, and few commission so far, I make more than the raise I ever received for 15 years working from 4 jobs, and the beauty of it I quit my 2 jobs recently. Our Isotonix? LOVE LOVE IT! I never been healthier than before!! Thank you Loren and JR, you are my land of opportunity! We are so grateful.

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