June 17th, 2013

What Sets Us Apart

Below you’ll find a Facebook post from new Supervising Coordinator Cheyn Crangle – which really captures the essence of our amazing business. It shows how we set ourselves apart from other “opportunities” – and how the UnFranchise Business is helping change lives by helping build real entrepreneurial success. The passion, energy, and pure excitement that Cheyn displays is a huge reason why he’s one of the rising stars of our company.

This is a great post to share with people who are interested in learning more about your business – and is also a great item for you to share with your team – to help inspire and motivate them. Everyone needs a little wake-up call now and again – so be sure to share Cheyn’s great message with your team! Leave me a comment, and tell me – what do YOU love about this business?

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger

Here’s Cheyn’s Awesome Message:


I LOVE the fact that…

  • Our business volume doesn’t erase monthly, it just adds up.
  • We get paid on all levels deep. No levels, breakaways or percentages.
  • Any volume from customer orders can be placed into anyone you’ve personally sponsored. Allowing them to earn commissions off your customer orders and you as well.
  • We have a sales requirement of $200 every 3 months – called Form 1000. This is our safety net and ensures our company will be here 20, 40, 60 years from now. Also, a company with no requirements has business owners who do nothing.
  • Unlimited income potential based on your work ethic.
  • 100% of 100% volume…is a 100%
  • Paid weekly
  • You are required to attend three trainings before you’ve earned more than $1,500 in commissions. This ensures our business owners know what they have, how to operate it and take ownership.
  • I made over $9,000 last month with only around 180 business owners. In 98% of other companies out there you would need 10,000-20,000 business owners (if not more) to accomplish that.
  • This business is for the average person.
  • If you’re lazy, complain daily and do nothing you won’t make money.
  • We are a product broker and don’t manufacture. This allows us to constantly shift with products in the marketplace that people are buying.
  • We work in 11 different Billion dollar markets.
  • We have had the same corporate team since the company started.
  • You can easily out earn your sponsor if you work the business consistently.
  • We have a training system throughout the U.S. in most major cities allowing you to build your business across the country and know that they can get educated.
  • When certified, you can get compensated for speaking and training. Any expert in any industry should.
  • My business partners are my best friends.
  • Our corporate team is engaged daily in making this company better and will work with anyone who knows how to accomplish the company’s goal.
  • We are an international company and expanding into new countries monthly.
  • We have a shopping site that is one of the largest in the world and has perfectly integrated our exclusive products with stores people already shop from (GENIUS)
  • If my sponsor hadn’t called me I would probably be in Afghanistan right now, still in the Marines, with an unsure outlook on life, a body that is beat up and a mind that is unstable.

I truly love our business and our team even more. Some of you in this group will become millionaires and help thousands reach incredible incomes, some of you won’t. The only difference between success and failure is that the person who succeeds simply does what the person who didn’t was not or will not do.

What are you willing to do? Are you ready!?!?

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6 Responses to What Sets Us Apart

  1. I love my time freedom with this business and love helping others……….

  2. Cheyn makes this business practical, something that can be duplicated, and fun. If you are coachable, you will succeed with this amazing company due to the many processes and educational tools already in place for you. Dare to dream again and have hope because this company provides you the vehicle to success for your time freedom and your financial aspirations. Best of luck to each of you wise enough to make your dreams a reality.

  3. Pat says:

    Well said! Sharing it with the team and hanging it on my bulletin board next to my desk. Thanks!

  4. sarah deng says:

    It’s very pleased to know Market America ,I think it is a chance of me to live a meaningful life.
    I did direct selling for 2 years in AVON in Shenzhen China, now I think AVON already cannot help me to go further known Market America’s products are very popular ,and I very appreciate the ethic of your company.
    But Market America not come into China mainland ,so I want to know if MA have a plan to open a new market of Asia. I really appreciate that if you can give me some materials about this. thank you very much .

  5. Linda & Joe Miske says:

    Thanks Cheyn,
    You spelled it out perfectly. I absolutely love this company and all of the people I work and play with. Market America is giving us the opportunity to make a BIG dream come true with a little hard work for the next few years. A few years ago there was no room to dream….we were working at surviving. Thank you, Buddy Robinson, for sharing Market America with us!!! If this business can work for us, it can work for anybody who is willing to listen and “just do it”.

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