March 20th, 2020

Walkthrough Clinic: Doing Our Part to Lessen the Impact and Lower the Curve

Team, I’d like to share a quick update with you which highlights some of the efforts we’ve been taking to help mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. It’s all about being proactive and helping others!

We sent everyone from the Miami property and Utopia IV to an outdoor walkthrough clinic where they were tested and screened for Coronavirus to support our self-imposed quarantine of no one leaving the property that is cleared (we provide food and overnight accommodations). We are doing our part to soften the infection spread curve. Everyone needs to make that a goal!  

We are thankful that we are able to continue working and helping others from home. As I mentioned on the Zoom call this week, our business keeps operating and growing from home. We are able to help people shop online and get it delivered without going out. We are helping tens of thousands of UFOs and their families and relatives or people they know and customers to get products they need. We even solve the toilet paper panic with SA disposable Wipes and hand disinfecting wash with aloe gel and alcohol.   

This is a great time to tell people about the miracle of residual income generated by our business!  The income keeps coming on in times like this and is living security. As long as Marc Ashley can keep our fulfillment and distribution center open everyone is all right and can run the business. Those people are our heroes and we depend in them! 

It is wonderful to be able to educate and help people protect themselves and bolster their immune system with our nutraceutical scientific products like Immune, OPC-3, Essentials, Isotonic Vitamin C, Over 50 isotonic, Orac, Zink, and anti-inflammatory products. Anxiety can be mitigated with MitagynaPro.  Ask a nutraMetrix Doctor to speak (on a zoom coring or face book live or a webinar) to your group or customers and friends on how to protect themselves and bolster immune system to reduce the effect of these types of infectious diseases, respiratory stress or contagious viruses.  We have several hundred such health professionals in nutraMetrix. 

It is a time to focus in helping people, taking precautions not to get infected (social distancing, isolation, cleanliness and hyper-disinfecting) and building the business in a slightly different way as for the time being you have people’s attention and a captive audience! It can be effectively done without being out or having no more than 10 people you know together and at least 6 feet apart or having been tested. Be awake, alert, mindful and creative as well as connected to other proactive positive UFO’s and people! 

Stay well, stay positive, team up with others digitally and communicate, learn and actively build working together. It is actually fun!  In the words if FDR: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself! I believe in you!!! 

-JR Ridinger 


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