March 9th, 2018

Utopia IV: When Dreams Become Reality

This has been quite a special morning for Loren and I as we’re in Italy at the Rossi Navi shipyards for the christening of our new yacht – Utopia IV! Loren and I have always had a passion for the water and this new vessel is simply spectacular and will allow our friends, family, and UnFranchise Owners to experience the ocean in a whole new way. For us Utopia IV represents so much more than a new superyacht – it’s the physical manifestation of a vision and dream over two years in the making and its proof that anything is possible if you apply action to your vision to reach your goals!

Loren and I are beyond blessed to be able to live this type of lifestyle but I truly believe anyone can achieve this if you simply program your brain with the right information, dream big, and follow through with tenacity! Utopia III has been a tremendous vessel for us and the source of so many fond memories – but Loren and I are excited to move on to this new chapter and start making new memoires with Utopia IV!

I’ve included some great pictures below showing the team at Rossi Navi moving Utopia IV out of its hangar near Pisa this morning and transporting it to the shipyards in Viareggio where it will be placed in the water for the official christening tomorrow then some additional final touches and testing. This whole process has been utterly fascinating and we thank the team at Rossi Navi for crafting such an amazing machine and exquisite work of art. Loren and I are absolutely thrilled with how Utopia IV has turned out and we can’t wait to share this new yacht with the world!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger


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This morning in Pisa, Italy @rossinavi is hauling Utopia IV out of the hanger where it was built and will be launching her in the water for the official christening tomorrow at the #Rossinavi Shipyard in Viareggio. Then some finishing touches and testing. This is the materialization of a vision and dream 2 years in the making! They closed the entire town’s streets and took down the street lights to move the boat into the water. Pretty amazing!

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