December 19th, 2017

Using Holiday Shopping to Fuel the Shopping Annuity

The holiday shopping season presents UnFranchise Owners with an absolutely tremendous opportunity to fuel their Shopping Annuity. By buying your everyday items through SHOP.COM you’re laying a nice, fundamental foundation that will help convert spending into earning, but when you take that to the next level with Market America products it gets even more powerful. The same holds true for the holidays – as it represents a huge boost in spending that can be harnessed to help fuel the Shopping Annuity. Savvy UnFranchise owners like Tina Prisco-Shea understand this well, and are using the holiday shopping season to boost their Shopping Annuity and convert their spending into earning!

Congratulations to Tina for understanding this and for leveraging this key concept during the holidays. What I love most about the Shopping Annuity is that it can turn any event or holiday into a business boosting opportunity – on top of the fact that we already help you convert spending into earing with everyday purchases. This type of event-based spending is really highlighted in our new Shopping Annuity Assessment – and if you haven’t taken it yet now is the perfect opportunity! You can find more information in your UnFranchise back office by CLICKING HERE.

I love seeing how everyone is utilizing the holidays to boost their UnFranchise growth – so feel free to email me, leave a comment, or connect with me on social media to share your Shopping Annuity success stories with me!

Keep Growing!
-JR Ridinger



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