September 21st, 2017

UFO Spotlight: Dana Annou

Each week I receive scores of incredible stories and messages which share the success and triumph of UnFranchise Owners from around the world, as well as their thoughts on the vision and mission of our company. It’s incredible for me to watch UnFranchise Owners become ambassadors for the business we’ve poured our heart and soul into for over 25 years.

The people who really “get it” have a unique way of expressing their impressions and understanding of our business, and do a remarkable job of conveying what we do in a genuine and authentic manner that resonates with everyone.

I’d like to share with you now one such message which I received this week from UFO Dana Annou. I felt compelled to share this with you all here because I felt she did a tremendous job of describing what we do in simple, relatable terms. Thanks for this great message Dana and for sharing this on Facebook!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger


Home based business is not a new concept, it’s actually an old concept. Just as little as 40 years ago corner stores were in the front part of a neighbor’s house, the local fruit or vegetable stand was set up out of the front of your friends farmhouse, your massage therapist worked out of their home and even your physician’s office was inside of his or her home.

We supported these businesses and these people because it was convenient for us and because they were our family and friends.

These business people were entrepreneurs and go getters, not people looking for the easy way out by having a home business. It’s quite the opposite. They were innovators.

Then something changed. Big box business came in and could do what all those things that your friends and family were doing for you cheaper, and you switched to the box stores.

And fast forward to now, everyone is shopping online to avoid the inconvenience of having to go to those big stores, plus they are closing down daily because people are shopping on line.

Market America| have brought back the greatest parts of the old and meshed it with the new.

If you are lucky enough to know a owner, you can have the best of all of it. 

  • You can shop from friends or family
  • You can shop from big box stores
  • You can shop from your local brick and mortars
  • You can shop and ship internationally
  • You can receive cash back on everything
  • You can support your local non for profit
  • You can support your local doctor or gym owner
  • This isn’t a commercial at all, its education.

As a consumer we never had any ability to reap the benefits of buying things we needed and wanted like the manufacturer or warehouse owner and suppliers do. They make the money when you buy, not you.

When you buy a new computer (which I just did recently) you didn’t get anything but that computer right? Not for me, I got cash back from Lenovo, saved more with an electronic coupon that my site found for me, and got paid a commission on that purchase too!

Find a owner today, I promise you your life will change for the better. 

-Dana Annou





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