To Honor and Remember: Mark Walker’s Capitol Hill Commemoration of Dennis Franks

To know Dennis Franks was to love him. I think that statement is true no matter who you are or what capacity you knew Dennis Franks. No matter who you are, Dennis always took a personal interest in your life and well-being. He was one of those selfless guys who always looked out for others, and through his actions and his outgoing personality, he brightened your day and improved your life. 

Over the course of the past few years, Congressman Mark Walker of North Carolina had the opportunity to meet Dennis at our events, and even though he only spoke with him a handful of times, Dennis still left a lasting impression on Congressman Walker. When he learned of his passing, Congressman Walker arranged for an American flag to be flown over the capitol in commemoration of Dennis Franks. What a truly remarkable way to honor, celebrate, and remember the life and legacy of our friend and brother. 

To have a flag flown over the capitol in his name and memory is an immense honor, and an extremely thoughtful gesture on behalf of Congressman Walker. I think this act of kindness and remembrance speaks volumes about the type of person Dennis was, and also what type of person Mark Walker is for going out of his way to honor a man he’d only had the pleasure of meeting a few times. But then again, to know Dennis was to truly love him.

It’s still hard to believe you’re gone, Dennis – but I know your legacy will always live on in the memories we share and the lives you touched! We love you and miss you, brother. Always.