October 7th, 2020

Break Free with the UnFranchise Business

For years I’ve stressed the fact that the system has always been rigged against you and is designed to keep you in a state of financial servitude like a worker drone or a hamster on a wheel – working hard and going nowhere. Your wheels spin and your life passes by as you enrich those with a built-in advantage over you. That doesn’t sound fair to me. 

Take financial institutions for example. Investing has plenty of inherent risks & pitfalls. Many times, the financial institutions we trust really don’t have our best interest at heart. Many of these companies work against you and undermine your future through unscrupulous actions that often go unpunished. But on occasion, they actually get caught….

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Agrees To Pay $920 Million in Connection with Schemes to Defraud Precious Metals and U.S. Treasuries Markets

As outlined in the DOJ Press Release above, JP Morgan just entered into a resolution with the Justice Department related to tens of thousands of episodes of unlawful trading in the Precious Metals and U.S. Treasury Markets. The scope & extensiveness of these offenses are truly mindboggling as they occurred over several decades with tens of thousands of instances. The ramifications and impact of these shady activities will probably never be fully comprehended. 

As seen with the JP Morgan story, the finance industry is as cutthroat as it gets, and often times the game isn’t played fairly. It’s at least refreshing to see the Justice Department pursuing those who manipulated the markets through unlawful trading. But it’s also alarming and disconcerting that an established and respected financial institution like JP Morgan would conduct such underhanded affairs for so long. 

Precious metals and treasury notes were always considered the safe play in the financial realm, but as the JP Morgan story proves even these markets aren’t beyond the reach of unscrupulous market manipulators. For many people, treasury notes and precious metals were their Plan B – but this proves you need a real Plan B which is independent of the current corrupt paradigm. Generating diverse income streams will be a top concern for people in the years to come & fortunately for everyone, we have the solution! 

Now, more than ever – people need the UnFranchise!!! We’ve been around for nearly three decades and our business is still growing and evolving. While many institutions and companies have struggled to adapt to the new normal, we’ve seen massive growth in 2020 because so many people are seeking a real work-from-home solution that fits their lifestyle. The UnFranchise was built for times like these, and our community of global entrepreneurs has never been stronger! 

Right now, people are facing economic and societal uncertainty on a scale not seen in my lifetime. People need tangible solutions to the problems they face which allow them to safely prosper in the digital age. There are many uncertainties which face the world right now, but one thing I’m certain of is the resolve & determination of the human spirit and the drive we all share to build a better life.

Tough times take teamwork and you won’t find a better team than our global family of entrepreneurs. We support one another and succeed through cooperation rather than competition. Join us and make 2020 the year you break free with the UnFranchise!

Keep Growing!

-JR Ridinger 

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